LOL what happened to this game?

So I log in and see this:


12,960,000 Skill Points


Dafuq ? So now you pay money for skill points directly? What is going on here? What about Star Citizen ? Any news when that game is coming out ? I got banned from their forums for asking the wrong questions, need one of you bros to let me know here.


You’re expendable

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Correct. I was originally created to serve as a cyno pilot. That was back in the day before we had these new weird marvel space ships and skins and all this unneeded garbage.


Well, you don’t have to buy the skill points.

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you got any news on star citizen, bro ?

I got news for you: it’s too expensive for what it is, it’s ridiculous to ask 60 bucks a pop for a pixelated ship. I can buy a whole game for that price.

It’s not just a ship, it’s an investment in win

Pay to Win. Gotcha.

And with P2E, it can pay for itself.

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Starcitizen is still the same buggy mess it always was. More like an online shop for virtual space ships.

Eve is also more like an online shop this days.

I don’t know of any good space games at the moment that put fun gameplay first. But I have a lot of fun playing FF14. The developers there seem to really really care to make an actually good game.

Maybe it will be a while again until we see a good alternative pop up. If you listen to Hilmar he seems hell bent on making it even worse by pushing his NFT hype on the devs. I have completely given up on Eve for quite some time now.


And yet you are still here.


Except I’m looking to game and have fun, I’m not looking to have an online job to pay for a ship.

Yeah clearly that invalidates everything I just said

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So make your own fun. When outrage over multi boxing and multi accounting?

Does CCP forbid multiboxing? I hope not because I’m about to take out a laptop from repair and use it to get another pair of eyes and hopefully another character to be my wingmate :wink:

What is “multi accounting” ?

You’ve outgrown the game, congrats you win.

(image source: The Stanley Parable)

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An account is a single login/ID that can have up to 3 characters. The characters on a single account cannot log in at the same time. Multiple accounts is just making other login/IDs that can have their OWN set of three characters. IF these accounts are Omega then each separate account can login in and use one of its three characters simultaneous with the characters of the other (Omega) accounts. Alpha accounts can only log in one at a time.

I don’t know what the use of multiple computers/VMs enables.

no different than multiboxing, except instead of several instances of the game on one PC, they can have two… but they must all be Omega… even trying to use one as alpha and another as omega can get you banned.

@Leggone_Stracks @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras
Thank you for the info :smiley:
I’m not planning to circumvent the rules so Omega it is.

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I don’t think I will ever outgrow EVE. It’s just so unique, and I crave it even if I leave for a while from time to time.