Refineries Base Rates with Rigs, borked?

Looking at the Athanor in Sing. With a T2 Ore Grading Proc applied the base refine rate is displayed as 54% (which is what it used to be in citadels with the T2 rig on). Is this a bug, or is the Max a Athanor can get to 54%?

I would have thought it should be base+ath+rig (50+2+3) = 55.

Is it that Sing is out of date and Tranq is right? Would be good to know for sure before applying a rig and only then figuring out that the Athanor plus T2 rig is ‘not’ the same as Tatana plus T1 rig.


seriously? no one has anything to help on this? Not even Devs?

Does the rig only apply to certain ores?

The rig gives a base of 53%; the Athanor a 2% multiplier.

Therefore it is: 0.53 x 1.02 = 0.5406 or 54.06% - which displays as 54.1%

It is very slightly better than the old Astrahus/Raitaru values - which get bigger as the Low & NS multipliers are used.

One day the desire for everyone will be a T2 rigged Tataru…

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true, but with a price tag of 100bn + (based on current salvage pricing, let alone quantity availabilitty) that time is a long way away, unless drop rates of salvage changes dramatically.

(And thanks for replying, most helpful).

Have you made a bug report about this? In-game hit F12 and then “report bug”

There is no ‘bug’ - it’s a feature…:sunglasses:

so the Athanor only gives an overall 1% extra to the refining?

Yes - because it adds another 2% to 53% - that’s just the way maffs works…

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