Athanor Bonus Not Showing in Reprocessing UI. What am I doing wrong?


(Aerilyn Neiliff) #1

As you can see, the athanor bonus is not showing up here. This is anchored in WH space. Does something need to be turned on in order to receive the bonus or is this a bug?


EDIT: Thanks all for the replies. The 2% bonus IS actually showing up, it’s just doing so in the form of the “Base Yield” which is 51% instead of 50%.

(Mala Zvitorepka) #2

Base is 51%, that’s the bonus. 50% + 2% bonus -> 51%.

(LuckyQuarter) #3

This looks like highsec yield, doesn’t wormholes get bigger boost
(considerd null)?

(Qia Kare) #4

The differences in refining efficiency come from the rig slots. If you examine a structure rig, you’ll notice a multiplier for the area of space that applies as a bonus if the rig is installed in that area of space. For Highsec, this is typically x1, and higher in low, null, etc.