Sugguestion: Make Compress ore services available to npc stations

Sometimes its annoying when you are mining in a system where there are no player stations that have compress services but theres npc stations in that system, since some npc stations already had reprocess services, it would be great if they are also made to be able to compress ore for a % tax of the total ore price.

The tax is so that it will not affect the incentive of having a compress service in player station too much.


No. You want an advantage like that, pay for it…put up a structure.

As I predicted…this is the result of the limitation on war decs.

CCP caves in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


This idea would only work in systems where player owned stations are not permitted


NPC corps could have tax fees set higher than 10% to offer such services.


CCP should introduce some kind of mechanism where players could work together in a guild or clan, so that if one member cannot use or afford a freighter he can find a clanmate to help him out. Or as an alternative perhaps some kind of package service, where you can pay other players to move a package of ore for you. Both of these sound like great ideas.


OĂŻ mate.

First of all : you picked the wrong system to mine in. Basically, if a citadel have a reprocessing plant, it can compress ore and already have a better base % when compared to NPC stations. So if you mine in a system without any… You’re already losing ISK.

Second of all, nothing prevent you from anchoring one. Athanor are cheap enough, you can create your own belts with them and they have a bonus decreasing reprocessing plant fuel consumption.

No need to come here whining for more things, just do as EVE always was : shut the hell up and find solutions on your own, there’s always one.


No. Put up a structure or GTFO.

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I did and even installed my own service slot.

Indeed i suggest more higher than tht, so that players still feel the pinch and still go for player structures for compress, the npc measure is for those systems that dont have or cant have acompress services (i.e. starter systems, npc null systems, tradehubs)

Yup I agree

NPC stations never had and never should, this is a feature given to player owned structures. a bonus to those that progress past a certain point. a service which they can offer to other players if they wish.

If you want that service in a certain system then put up a station, if you can’t place a station in that system there is a reason why it’s not allowed.

The path of least resistance is your best choice, move to a system that has stations with this service.


I really do not see an issue with this. NPC stations allowing compression, and especially at the rate of a flat rate 10% tax with no standing modification allowed.

3301 rocks, 10% = 330 rocks the NPC keeps. That’s 3 compressed blocks plus some change the NPC keeps for compressing.

Right now even with player structures, compression is free at those…and mostly a reason quite a few ppl are not allowing it to happen instead requiring corp offices and such to be rented before you get access to their refine capability.


The issue is it’s a feature given to player owned structures. there has to be features in the game to encourage players to progess and grow beyond what they are when they start the game. if you give this feature to NPC stations then it removes it as a goal to have and control such a feature.

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no, its simply putting tools and choices into more hands.

Tool - Compression

Choice- Use an NPC station and make less ISK/Resources because of Tax -or- use Player structure for free and keep what you mined.

Remember, years ago this feature was asked about…mainly because if you didnt grind the standings in every empire, have the charters, a POS, a compression array, etc you simply could not do it…adding it to NPC stations made more sense then compared to now. But it still makes sense.

Use refine instead. In the systems that cant have player stations you normally are mining just veld while jita I believe has no belts at all.
Which means refining the ore gives a fine compression ratio anyway.

I’m sure you dont understand what you’re agreeing to, because the only system that does not allow players to anchor stations as far as I know, are the trade hubs.

Unless you are mining in jita, which I dont think is possible, this wouldn’t change a thing for you even if it was implemented.

No, the choice is use an NPC station and make do without compression -or- use player structures, possibly for free, possibly for a fee, because people set tax sometimes as is their right since they bought the structure and are risking wardecs, and be able to compress.

This whole “player choice” bs is utterly useless as an argument, because it can be applied to anything. Let’s allow supercaps to be built in hisec npc stations, that would surely add player choice as well. No clone bay in your npc station? Let all npc stations use every single service! Cause player choice.

It was asked. And CCP rejected the idea.

It only makes sense from a lazy, entitled perspective. And in that perspective, almost anything can make sense.

How about a “Ore Compressor” item you can fit in a rig slot?
Then, even when mining in a Cormorant you could compress on the fly?

ps: maybe it can use some fuel per amount of processed ore?

How about all ships costing only 1 titanium to build? Then a 100 units of veld could make a thousand titans.

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Titans for everyone! :smiley:

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