Ore compression for npc stations in hi-sec

Compression has become a central feature to everyday gameplay for industrialists. Perhaps it’s about time ore compression was added to hi-sec NPC stations. For a fee of course. The fee wouldn’t be much but just enough to encourage people to use a citadel if they really want to min-max.

The current system also creates an issue whereby experienced players can bully and push away new players from an area by disabling structures that offer compression. If station services included a compression option, that would solve this issue.


Don’t have anything against this idea, so why not? Maybe only in some npc stations not in every station? If new players can benefit from this: even a better idea.


At least every station with a reprocessing plant should offer compression. Compression is part of reprocessing anyway so it makes no sense that reprocessing stations don’t offer compression.


Then what would be the point of owning your own Citadel in high sec? They have to make Citadels attractive in order for players to want to have one. NPC stations can’t compress ore, citadels can. If you add compression to NPC stations, then there is nothing that you can do in a Citadel that can’t be done in an NPC station, so why even bother owning one?


Why can’t a Citadel owner charge for the ore compression service?

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Well, that’s their prerogative for owning a station and being wardec eligible, isn’t it? They have all the risk, and you’re saying it’s an issue for them to do this? What’s the issue, exactly?

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The point would be that compression is free if you use a citadel. People can sell stuff on the market in an npc station, so why do people bother using citadel markets? Because people care about the fee.

It’s as I said. Give normal stations compression, for a fee. Could be like a 2% tax on the value of goods compressed. People will still try to use a citadel when possible to avoid paying that fee.

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It never is and it never was. Compression only used to exist in compression arrays on POSes, the whole point being if you wanted the added extra of being able to move ore in bulk you needed to put down an array. This was always an extra, separate from reprocessing.

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Groups of experienced players bullying lesser experienced players out of hi-sec systems.

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How does a citadel acquire compression? By fitting a Reprocessing Facility.

Are you kidding me with this? Hey CCP Rectal Orbis needs a ban so he can avoid the stress this game is apparently causing this snowflake.

This is only am issue in trading because you are trading many times a day by buying, then selling.

With compression, you are not buying ore, compressing it, then reselling it, many times a day. At best you are doing one of those ore buyback programs with massive margins. At worst you are simply mining your own ore and trying to move it, which means your margins and profit is essentially 100%.

You are comparing two different things here.

What does this even mean? Are you saying lesser experienced players cannot contact the more experienced players and make a deal to use their citadel? Are you saying that lesser experienced players cannot join corps with more experienced players? Are you saying that lesser experienced players are somehow incapable of deploying their own citadel?

If any of the above is false, your argument fails.


How does an npc acquire compression? They never have. NPC stations are fundamentally different than citadels. There are other differences that I’d be happy to point out but I’m sure you would agree there are many differences other than compression that exist, do you not?

No, I’m not kidding. Take a look in Osmon and at the recent citadel wipe out there. Also ask the locals to give you a copy of the threatening EVEmail all citadel owners have received there. An alliance of players is trying to claim Osmon by bullying other players to either join them or suffer using a combination of tactics. Removing all ability for players to compress is one of the main methods they are using to get their way.

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There are literally thousands of Citadels across high sec that offer compression. If your local Citadels are being harassed, then use one in a different system…


What’s wrong with that?

In eve, might makes right. If Goonswarm suddenly began invading providence, and the residents there started posting here “we are being bullied we cant fight them off CCP please change mechanics so that we can better stand up to them”, they would be laughed out of here.

Everything in eve is dependent upon whether you can protect your own stuff, and not rely on CCP to change the mechanics for you. For years, osmon had been unchallenged, and now someone has stepped up to challenge everyone else for dominance over osmon. Good for them. I hope many fights come about it.

For the rest of you, why dont you group up. If you own citadels, then you’re rich enough to be able to afford it. If you dont, then you’ve been freeloading up until now, and maybe now is the time to pay your dues. You sound like someone who doesnt own a citadel but has been freeloading off of one. Why dont you start repaying the owners by helping them?

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Chances are hes been freeloading off of a citadel for years, and now that the citadel is under attack, he wants to complain to CCP to make it so that he can continue to freeload off of npc stations without having to move.


You can’t compare null to high like that. Players are supposed to fight over null. Empire space is owned by the empires, who should be providing adequate facilities for people operating in their space. Because they are not providing important core facilities, it invites experienced players to bully other players into submission by taking out these missing facilities.

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