CCP PLEASE install compressing plants into npc stations

It’s REALLY a pain in the ass to find one the owner has NOT turned off the cormpression…

At least put in a symbol in the structure browser that actually SHOWS if it is on…


Wrong forum but no, bad idea.

Upwell structures need advantages to make up for the costs. This is one of them.



Not to show the customer/user of the plant that the service is available helps to make up the cost?

In what way?

Look at suggestion no.2

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I didn’t write that it made up for the cost.

I wrote, that Upwell structures need advantages, that offset costs (not pay them). This is one good reason to have one over NPC stations, because it makes moving ores so much better.

Go find a freeport one and use that.

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That’s the problem…you do not find any…at least it has to be actually SHOWN in the struture browser if the service is available…what is so dam discutable about that?

That’s a different suggestion and one that I’d give a +1, if it was posted in the correct forum.

But adding compression to NPC stations. No thanks.

well…next time read the whole post…it was suggestion no 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


+1/2 than I guess :kissing_heart:

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Place down your own refinery then, problem solved.

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Am I missing something? If a citadel offers reprocessing, then it offers compression and cannot be turned off independently as far as I know. Reprocessing is clearly indicated in the structure browser as a service and you can search by system, constellation, or region to see what is available.


I Know Myself personally I’m finding it really hard in high sec the find a place for the compression because ever since the wardec. Changes people of removing their structures said they’re not eligible for War deck

Yes, but with a pentalty like some compression tax with a “base price” + x% depending on standings with the NPC corp that owns the NPC station? Because some people can pay a lot of accounts just with the profit from player stations. If that is removed they will either have to pay with RL money or actually log in and do something (besides renting defenders).


Are you serious?

Upwell structures are giant isk sinks with no use in the world.

The only ones that were minutely promising were the moon mining ones, but they flopped soon after release.

Too expensive to run, poor defences, waste of isk.

Don’t anchor them.

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^ this

Show Info on the Citadel in question, and see if Reprocessing is offered as a Service. If so, then you can use Compression as well.

Compression is indeed something out of the ordinary, and shouldn’t just be lumped in with NPC stations. Used to be you needed the separate POS module, or a Rorqual, to compress. Be glad Citadels can even do it at all.


hi @Traco_Miritu

i think it would be a bad idea
upwell structures have costs for building and running services … so you should have benefits for that
and a symbol … pff … well … if you can dock you an look

i would say no and no … there are tones of structures and many are freeports with services …


This guy literally didn’t read a single word in the OP. Just the title lmao

No, this is a bad idea.

Which one? Adding a symbol to show if compression is on?

Actually I read it fine. The title is his suggestion and the 2 lines in the OP are the perceived justification (first line) and alternative suggestion (second line).

LMAO this guy reads but literally doesn’t comprehend.

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