Can't find any player owned structures

I’m trying to find a player owned structure so that I can compress but in my structure browser if I filter to only corp owned structures nothing appears I’ve spent hours trying to work out how to compress and it’s getting exhausting. Please help thanks!

In the browser the filter is for corp owned structures just for clarity

How many structures does your corp own?

That explains it haha I thought it was for structures owned by players.

Still leaves me with the problem that I can’t seem to compress anything - the option doesn’t appear.

Compressing is just part of refining. There’s no icon for compression, just right click on the ore/ice and choose “compress”.
To be sure, search for structures offering “reprocessing”.

You need to be in a player(corp) owned structure that has an operational Reprocessing. Just ensure your ore/ice is in your item hangar (not cargo, or an any other container) and simply right-click on the stack and you’ll see the option to Compress.

If you see that it has Reprocessing and you can’t perform this that means it’s not fueled/operational. It shouldn’t show as an available service in the Structure browser if this is the case.


For further clarification; NPC owned stations can also do “reprocessing” or “compress” your ore. But not all of them. Just like player owned structures, they have to have the capabilities installed. So you don’t HAVE to go to a player owned structure, depending on what you are doing. So just right click and show info on the stations and structures and see what services are offered. Also keep in mind both NPC and player owned structures don’t do this for free, so check their prices and taxes and determine where you want to do all this.

Based on whatever filters the structure browser shows structures owned by your corp or public ones. Unless they fixed it recently the structure browser won’t show structures you have access to that aren’t in your corp and aren’t public.

Are you sure? NPC stations can compress?

I would also like to know if NPC stations can compress. I thought this was not an option at NPC stations.

no, you can not.

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When you say this I am not sure if you mean all services or just Reprocessing, but for sure Compressing is free.

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