No command compress

Hi, I just started playing, I chose mining to develop the character, now I have a Venture waiting to be able to buy a Procurer. Now they advised me to sell the ore because I don’t have good reprocessing skills, but I was told to pack the ore before selling it. However, I do not find the command compress I also mess a photo. I miss some skills? Or am I not following the correct procedure?

You need to find a player owned stucture(citadel or otherwise) with public access that has reprocessing in it’s info. There you can compress or reprocess your ore and ice.

Furthermore, you can use the structure browser utility in your neocom to find player owned structures with the reprocessing service that are at or near your location without searching manually system by system.

Thank you! In fact, only stations that are private players do it! Thanks again.

Also you cannot compress moon goo if you start that route.

Wich is a shame.

It’s to prevent mass movement between null and other areas of space

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