How do I determine whether a station has compression capabilities

I do a lot of mining in High Sec. I often find a station that initially has reprocessing and compression capabilities, and I use that station to compress ore (sometimes for only a few weeks) and then all of a sudden, the station no longer has reprocessing or compression available (it is suddenly “disabled”). This often happens after I have mined millions of m3 and need to “compress” the ore in order to haul it to another location.

Is there an easier way to determine when a station has compression services available without having to dock at the station to see if the station has compression capabilities? Most stations that show they have “reprocessing” capabilities do not have compression capabilities (and this is a real pain for me). I would like to be able to look at a station’s info to be able to determine if the station has compression capabilities without having to dock at every station, unload ore, and then find that the station does not have compression capabilities.

Structure browser > Services > reprocessing.

But if owner won’t fuel the station then it will go offline and no reprocessing.

Or find a empty moon and set up own refinery with reprocessing module.

Problem is, even if it has compression now, if the owner does not refuel it, it will not have compression later.

There is no way to know when an owner will stop refueling their own structure because it’s up to them. The only fix is to join a good Corp that has a structure, or put down your own structure.

No need to look for moon. Citadels can be anchored wherever.

Citadels that reprocess can compress as well. Only npc stations don’t compress.

But why waste half of functionality of refinery? Especially with ongoing changes to economy, moon can be jackpot in future. Even in hisec since everyone is running away.

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