Reprocessing Module and Compression Fuel Costs

Don’t know if this topic was covered already, I’m going to chime in anyway . .
I am really new to the game, and am really into the mining aspect. Right now from what I see, the only way to compress ore is via a Player owned station with a reprocessing module … ( compressing for free) “Yes”?
As a Station owner paying for a reprocessing module and people only using my station for free compression and not paying for recrossing, I think this is one sided.

If Compression ore is more valuable than "Un-Compressed " Ore why is it free?
And if it is a free service, it should be available without being attached to a module that may or may not get used which costs money and can generate income . .
just a thought.

That is a Citadel, not a station (they may look the same on the inside, but not the same). The owner of the citadel likely collects a fee when the ore is reprocessed. They also likely use it for themselves and its a cost they are willing to eat for thier own convenience.

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Ok so no, I know sometimes I explain things a bit backwards, guess it’s old age . .
I am not talking about a citadel, most all citadels I run have run into when trying to “Compress” my ore don’t have this feature. I could be wrong but so far this is my experience. They have a “Reprocessing” feature but I could not “Compress”
So far I have only been able to “Compress” my Ore at Azbels or Raitaru’s the Refinaries and so forth.
These are Player owned structures…
What I am saying is the Compression process seems to be free, there is no fee attached to it, however the owner is still paying a fuel charge for having the Reprocessing module active, this module hosts the “Compression” process.
So If a random player comes into the station and compresses his ore, but doesn’t reprocess any ore then the station owner is footing the bill as Reprocessing has a “Cost” involved but Compression does not.
Maybe Compression should cost a fee or, have it available everywhere for free.


There is no tax for the compression service.

So they should either make Compression available everywhere,
Charge a fee for it because a station owner footing the bill for service that provides “Value” to ore is wrong

Or the upwell structure’s owner could restrict access to their corp only, or to blues only, instead of letting all-and-sundry dock there if they don’t want to provide free services. After all, tethering is also free to anyone who has docking access.


Exactly this @Marcus_Rue. Restrict access to the station so nobody but your corp or blue access list can dock and therefore use the service… limiting how many people are using it.

Compression is always the same, divide volume by 100 for ore or by 10 for ice if I recall correctly. Skills, implants and rigs change nothing about that.
It is also free for anyone who can access it at friendly citadels or Rorquals.

Reprocessing depends on many factors such as skills, implants and expensive rigs. It makes sense that station owners with better rigs and a better citadel get to set a higher reprocessing fee to earn back some of that investment, allowing potential customers to choose between different reprocessing rates for different fees.

Sure, there could also be a fee for compression, but then I’d likely do the exact same compression at another location cheaper, if available.

I don’t disagree with you.

I was only trying to get the facts.

In fact, I agree that it’s a nonsense that compression service has no tax attached.

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And what about the free repair, should it also be taxed then?

It’s taxed in station. Yes I think repairing should also be taxed in structures, and tether repair only available for people that have 0 repair cost in the structure. (tether alone avail to people who can dock)

Also I consider that all those taxes should have a minimum value iff there is a minimum value for station services.
There is none for compression, so no minimum value for compression.
There is for repair, so added say 1% minimum value for repair. (tether not subject to it)

Yes, I think so too, if, then it must be treated equally.

All I am saying is if I, as a station owner am paying for a service module, I should charge some sort of tax or price to recoup my investment.

If you are presenting this as a suggested change in mechanics, I suggest reworking the first post to be a bit clearer as to what mechanics you are wanting changed, and put it in the correct subforum (EVE Development-> Player Features & Ideas).

Otherwise this reads as a ‘I don’t know why this works this way, how do I change it’ thread, which is why you are getting responses that explain the current mechanics, how the lack of fees is consistent with other services that are player-provided only services (such as tethering/remote repair), and how to restrict access if you don’t want non-blues/corpmates/whomever to have this benefit (and presumably blues/corpmates are supporting the expense of having the structure anyway via mutual defense support at least).

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