Citadel Compression Tax?


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Most things in Citadels can be profited from: Markets, Clone Bays, Reprocessing, Corp Offices. However compression is always free, regardless of any other taxes.
It would seemingly be simple to implement a compression tax, just like reprocessing by working out the market value of the goods and setting a rate based on that?
This is just a basic thought on how it could be done. It seems to simple to work though if no one else has suggested it. Maybe someone else has a better idea on how to go about this?

I myself have used and abused citadels to compress ore/ice and I know plenty of others who have also owned up to doing it and reprocessing elsewhere. I feel the citadel owners are losing out on this one.


(Nevyn Auscent) #2

Search is your friend, this has been asked for before.
The main argument against this is that you end up double taxing the miner. Since you then as a miner pay both a compression tax & a refining tax.

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I haven’t found it and I did a search.

Personally I compress in one place then move and refine in a different system.
This means one service is free and the owner loses out and the other I have to pay for.

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