Sugguestion: Make Compress ore services available to npc stations

Yup, then compression is no longer an issue. Just mine and transport 100 units of veld. Have a massive fleet that needs 1000 ships? Bring 100 units of veld. Going on a prolonged campaign, deep in enemy territory? Bring 100 veld.

Player choice!

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Small POS and compression array are still here and working, cheaper than structures and its operationnal in less than a hour, can be repackaged in the same period of time, and it costs 10 blocks per hour.


“Liked” a bunch of good reasons why this is bad.

-1, no way, get a station.

+10 to the idea of the OP

Every service should be available at npc station regardless what it is…even a “jump me to system x” is imaginable…

Not “your” eve anymore?

Well you can leave…nobody is forcing you to play a game 2019…


Years ago…NOW it is 2019 and CCP was sold to a company with common sense…

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Don’t like the game as it is?

Well you can leave, nobody is forcing you to play a game that you don’t like.

Your sentiment swings both ways.

Someone who doesn’t like the PvP everywhere nature of Eve has a choice of hundreds, if not thousands, of games that offer what they want.

We, those of us that do like the PvP everywhere nature of Eve, have a choice of very very few games that offer what we want.

You want to compress ore without using a station? I believe a rorqual has that ability.

It is our eve. What are you talking about. Stations dont allow compression.

Right back at you bud.

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It’s not your eve…it belongs to Pearl Abyss…

And station services can be put into the game with ease…

Even if you do not like it,it will change NOTHING.

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A game has to obey to what the market wants…

Bottom line…

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You were the one who said it was, not me.

That, or you dont understand what the word “Anymore” means.

Sure. And Making Titans cost 1 tritanium to build can be put into the game with ease, too. Guess what? It isnt happening, and shouldnt.

How many of us are against it, and how many of you are for it?

Market has spoken.

Now sit down before you hurt yourself.

Right,the market has spoken… the game has 20k players online right now and numbers are counting DOWN…

COULD be 200k with a more mainstream approach TO WHAT THE MARKET WANTS…but even thinking this is blasphemy in the twisted minds of some people here…

You think 20k is MUCH?

Well you are wrong as wrong can be…

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Sounds like this game doesnt suit you.

Maybe you should leave?

Me, on the other hand, enjoy this game to its fullest, and will continue to play. Without compression in stations, of course.

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Eve has never obeyed what the market wants, which is why it’s still very much alive after 15 years.

In contrast, most of the MMO’s that released at about the same time as Eve, are dead. The real exception being World of Warcraft, which shaped the mainstream market; those MMO’s that failed did so by trying to compete with Blizzard, on Blizzards home turf.

CCP have never tried to compete with Blizzard, because they know they’ll get roflstomped into failure like so many before them.


The game HAS to change,either you will like it or not,the sooner you accept it the less it will hurt…

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Your entire premise for changing Eve is that you don’t like the rules and would like them to change because other games have rules that you like more.

It’s like petitioning the governing body of a game such as Rugby to change the rules so that they’re more like Football because the audience for Football is larger worldwide.


you hit the nail on the head, but the Troll isn’t here to listen to reason, it’s here to feed. :eyes:

No one said the game will not change. Its been changing every month. You do realize that they release an expansion every 6 weeks, right?

But what youre proposing, is simply due to laziness and greed. There is no reason to add this, and adding this will not suddenly make 200k people log in to the servers.

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