Make NPC corp reputation less worthless

This is ironic considering your first post.


And you don’t have to interact with players. It’s just better if you do.

Player structure’s will always be better. That’s the point of the game. Nothing needs fixing. You’re just a bit if a snowflake.


Somehow I don’t think CCP is going to give out a bonus for not using their fancy new toys. Call it a hunch.

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You don’t know if player structures will always be better. The game can always change, and this is a new thing. Your thoughtless and selfish opinion is worthless to me. The point of this thread, that seems to continually elude you, is that they removed much of incentive to develop standings with NPC corps, and this ultimately has removed some of incentive to play the game for some people. It had been an interest of some players to develop standings in order to achieve superior refining rates in NPC stations. The changing of the refining bonus makes it next to worthless since it is now always better to refine at a citadel, which are ubiquitous. This change also shits on people who had spent time working their standings up for that purpose and it isn’t really fair to take that away from them without good reason.

A more reasonable change, one that doesn’t hurt players and disincentive, is to allow high standings with NPC corps to give the same refining bonuses as citadels. Those who do not work on their standings will still be reliant on citadels if they want the best yields, and this will still be by far the majority of players.

Yeah and they may let us ride dinosaurs :roll_eyes:

The people who only play this game for standings and will quit because of this is such a small demographic it’s negligible. Where as the players who will create more content putting up and using citadels because they’re better is much larger.

Give it up.



Citadels created content on their own, they didn’t have to take away incentives and ■■■■ on people who developed standings to do so. This is the simple notion that you can’t seem to comprehend and why your thoughtless, injected opinion here is worthless in relation to the OP.

Now I’ll ask you to stop creating noise in the thread. You obviously don’t get it, or don’t want to. Shove off.

OK… first, lets be real. PvE players are the overwhelming vast majority of players. Those are the guys interested in standings and other world building elements of game.

That said, making NPC corp reputation less worthless does not have to mean making NPC station services better than those found in PC stations. That they have made PC stations better is immaterial, they could still, and should, put more game in the game rather than relying purely on PvP ‘content’.

Perhaps a discount on station services that tops out at a standing of 10, giving value to not skipping missions to maintain the highest value. Discounts on loyalty point purchases, unlocked skins, and other things could be put in place to give a value for courting and maintaining good NPC standing.

There is still purpose in grinding standings. You can still get taxless refining from npc stations, but it will never be as efficient as player structures, otherwise why would anyone risk messing around with structure’s?

Shove off yourself. Not gonna happen. Npc standings are not a centric part of the game and never will be.

Everything you’ve described already happens.

With high enough standings npc stations give you refining with no tax and reduced brokers fees. If you want to add discounted repairs into that then sure.

And an lp store is ALREADY a discounted store. Thats the whole point in the lp store.

npc stations are superior to citadels because fools cant up keep their fuel and go inactive.

there may be creative paths to npc interactions outside of LP arbitrage
lp for its own sake is sort of hollow


You really can’t say whether NPC factions will become less worthless in the future or not, and to do so only makes you look arrogant and inane.

What I am asking is not unreasonable. It is only fair.

Nobody is asked for NPC standings to be made in a “centric part of the game”. Did you even read the OP?

Shove off and take your worthless opinions with you.

Thanks for all the salt.

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It takes away one of the main reasons for using structures.

It’s not happening.

Don’t be stupid. It woudln’t take away any significant use from them at all, but merely allow that small minority of players who have developed their standings to once again enjoy the fruits of their labors and provide greater gameplay incentive for those who like such things.

You aren’t being rational about this and you aren’t in any position to say whether it will happen or not.

Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough? Shove off already.

You don’t get it.

It’s something a PvE player would want, and therefore it is utterly worthless in their eyes because PvE, and those who enjoy that gameplay, are utterly worthless in their eyes.

Some of these folks are quite vehement that anyone that wants to PvE should just quit the game.

I noticed that, hence my comment about kool-aid. I’m just not one to hold back from rubbing their faces in how dumb these kids really are.

appreciate the bumps, tho :sunglasses:

I’d grind standings for a corp once and never need to use a structure…

Yeah it’s not going to happen.

Sunk costs are a thing…stop worrying about them, there is no future in it.

No, YOU don’t get it. The kind of PvE player that belongs in EVE would look at a system where there are no options for max-yield refining and see an opportunity for profit. They would put up a station with better yield, and make easy money from all of the reprocessing in the system. The kind of player who would ragequit over this is not a PvE player, they’re a lazy and incompetent player trying to use an MMO as a bad single-player game and ignoring everything that makes EVE interesting. And they aren’t needed.