Dev blog: Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you!


(CCP Phantom) #1

Reactions are the industrial activity that turns moon materials and gas into more advanced materials.

This winter, reactions will become exclusive to Refineries. After that, they no longer can be conducted at POS structures.

We will see new service modules for Refineries, new rigs, and new reaction blueprints. We also will get new skills to improve reaction speed and the amount of concurrent reactions you can run.

Get all the details in the blog Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you!

(Querns) #2

Good stuff. I’m happy to see that the skills for reactions will be seeded before the release of Refineries.

(Weaselior) #3

Interesting. One thing I don’t quite get: why would I ever want to use Omegas? If I use alphas I have, effectively, infinite slots. Sure, they go 20% slower - but that can be fixed by just adding more alphas. Sure, maybe you gate ALL of the “additional reaction jobs” skills behind Omega - but I can just add more alphas. If I use omegas, I have limited slots and have to reduce my profit margin by using plex. So what am I missing here?

(Trixi Laminer) #4

Hello CCP Phantom!

When will we get to know the material requirements for constructing the new refinery structures?

(CCP Mimic) #5

Details about the stats and building requirements of the Refinery Structures, their Rigs and the Drilling Module will be released in the next few weeks .

(CCP Lebowski) #6

As well as increased duration, Alphas are also subject to an additional industry tax as with other industry activities.

(Dirk MacGirk) #7

Why create a separate cost index? It is industrial activity in a system. Is there a reason to treat it separately and not combine with manufacturing to affect overall cost indexes?

(Querns) #8

So you can’t fuzz the presence of reactions inside a manufacturing index.

(Elizabeth Norn) #9

Other industry jobs have an extra alpha clone tax applied to them equivalent to a 2% system index, I imagine reactions will too.

Also, omegas having nine more slots and 20% speed bonus saves a lot of clicking compared to the amount of alphas you’d need, and omegas can farm SP. Sure, if it’s profitable then it’ll be profitable for alphas to do it, but omegas will be more profitable.

(Querns) #10

Except for the part where an Omega has to pay an additional “fee” in the form of their PLEX.

(Basil Vulpine) #11

Is it accidental that the product doesn’t show how much output you are getting or can you share that? If it’s deliberate then do you have an idea of when the actual details will become available?

Also can you confirm whether it’ll take specific fuel blocks as an input or if it will be racial agnostic?

Good news on the pre-seeding of the skills. Have I missed the training multiplier on them somewhere and/or the stats? Also the limits that will be applied to Alphas would be nice though I think the extra indy tax will fix many of the issues.

Thanks for the devblogs as I think there’s a lot of people waiting to see the details so they can plan ahead.

(Elizabeth Norn) #12

Which has been offset by SP farming since it was introduced.

Even if SP farming wasn’t profitable, I’d happily spend a few hundred million per account to save myself having to log in ten times the number of characters.

(Querns) #13

Honestly, I’m hoping that CCP will just do away with racially-flavored fuel blocks and make a generic “fuel block” that can be produced with four separate kinds of blueprints.

(Basil Vulpine) #14

When POSes vanish I also see no good reason to keep different types of fuel blocks. I assume the current state of affairs is mostly because they don’t want to sacrifice any of the devs to the POS code.

It’ll be a bit of a shame to see the market simplify a bit and regions become more homogenous but the big one here will be when they reseed the moons. If they don’t keep regional goos then keeping racial blocks would be petty.

(Arronicus) #15

Very interesting. I’m curious to see how it will impact players previously running large reaction setups, now needing many characters to do what 1 could do before. Definitely a good change.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #16

If a refinery with a reactor service module is destroyed, will there be a chance of materials dropping from in progress reaction jobs?

(Basil Vulpine) #17

Ah yes and one more “food for thought” question for CCP. At downtime the reactors shut down. What will CCP do with the reaction that is in progress at that time?

Spit out the inputs back in to the silo? Produce an output product out of sync with the POS tick timer? Just quietly eat the inputs as a cost of trying to maximise reaction time?

(Basil Vulpine) #18

If it’s like industry jobs then I’d expect so. Good question to ask though rather than assume!

(CCP Fozzie) #19

Yes indeed.

(CCP Fozzie) #20

One answer for a question we’ve seen come up: Reactions will continue to be limited to lowsec, nullsec and wormhole space. The Refineries themselves will be able to be deployed in all areas of space but the reaction service modules will be sec status limited.