Dev blog: The Goo must flow: Everything about Refineries and Moon mining

With Lifeblood on October 24 we will get a complete new system of moon mining and new Upwell Refineries.

This latest blog goes into the details:

  • Refinery stats
  • Construction costs
  • Moon drilling schedule
  • Jackpot asteroids and more

Check out the blog!


Link works! \o/

Looking forward to the changes! Keep up the good work!

And what’s the price of the BPO for the refineries? Considering how much the market prices for items fluctuate, it’s moot knowing “how much the structure costs now” (Fun fact: by buying the components as you list them the Tatara would cost 12.2B at current market prices. So much for that.). But knowing how much the BPO cost would be very helpful. Can we please get this info before the 24th? It was, after all, also released early for the citadels and engineering complexes.

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My platinum card and pension checque say…does it matter?

Not sure about your pension fund, but I would like to have some last minute planning and scheduling time to see how much ISK I need to rob from the Federal Central Bank, thanks. Setting up such a huge robbery requires some planning, you know? And I want to know how much ISK I have to pay my hackers to disguise my tracks (the more money I need, the more they need to work). Yadda, yadda. I want to know the BPO prices. Period.

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20 hours of vulnerability for both?
Shouldn’t they be in line with the citadels and engineering complexes as far as timers go?

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Money is only a means to an end. I’m almost there.

Affect and Effect are different words. Affect is a verb and Effect is a noun, effect is used all over the place in this blog when affect should be used.


Hi Rivr. The NPC sale prices are 5.5b for the Athanor BPO and 40b for the Tatara BPO.


Thanks a lot. That’s a number my team and I can work with. :smiley:

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'When an Upwell Structure is first deployed, it will enter an initial 15-minute vulnerable state (with the same repair timer mechanics and damage caps) before entering the 24 hour Anchoring state.
Once anchored, the vulnerability of the structure will match the Vulnerability windows set by its owners.

This will mean that keeping control of the area in which you are planning to deploy your structure is paramount.

Further changes to the Vulnerability and Combat systems of all Upwell Structures are now underway and some early details about these upcoming changes can be found in the EVE Vegas Keynote.’

*250km Anchoring restrictions within Moon Mining Location. Limit one per moon. Low sec and Null sec.
*Extractions can be set at any period between 6 days and 56 days to complete.
*Setting a Ready date by manually entering a desired time and date.
*Ability to add the Extraction event to your Corporation Calendar, to inform your members when to assemble for the harvest.
*‘Jackpot’ asteroids yield of 100% more materials when reprocessed.
*Links included for spreadsheet junkies.


I have a small QoL question, seeing as the moon goo will be of a fixed type is it possible to just have a corp wide journal of sorts be added so that people can track the moons that they scan or are you entirely leaving this up to 3rd party devs to create?

I think this could open up options for survey related corps etc, i mean a public moon contents tool would be awesome but i suspect most corps will just keep their findings private, could be an interesting site for someone to create :stuck_out_tongue:

Biggest problem I see with that is people tainting the data.


When are we getting a replacement for the 20 million m3 ship maintenance array that can be anchored in a POS costing less than a 1/2 Billion ISK.

An affordable - i.e. much less than 20 Billion ISK - “disposable” storage for very large ships that we can evac & abandon if attacked by an overwhelming force.

You took away the Titan space coffins of the null-sec rich now as a poor/solo/small corp in a wormhole all we ask for is something cheap to safely park the rorq or carrier whist we run around in an Epithal for 15mins collecting Pi - We don’t want the space coffins you are offering us.

Is a tether module or rig to allow pilot-less ships temporary safety too much to ask for ?

After all we already have one, it’s called a POS with a shield, where is the promised replacement for this function of a Tower.


Oh for sure, it would be a fair undertaking but some sort of verification system, i mean probes aren’t that expensive, it would take a lot of work but i think it could be interesting, i mean eve0scout does a similar thing for thera wormholes, yes its a bigger undertaking ofc

These structures are horribly expensive and much weaker than the old pos’s when measured against each other. This is not a good direction but I’ve said my piece.

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@CCP_Phantom Can I mine ore from moons in a Wormhole with the new structures. No Goo, just the ability to create an asteroid belt to mine on a timer.

Not yet.

It’s planned for the mid future.

Google Sheets.