Small refineries and expand moon mining to 0.6, work with me people

I think that CCP could expand the upwell refineries to include smaller operations, something such as a small refinery for smaller industrial/mining corporations but only placeable in 0.6 security systems.

Role bunks 1% bonus in refining yield
10% reduction in fuel consumption for reprocessing modules.

However keep the cost down to about 200 million ISK for the new structure Catalan.

Why, because smaller organizations are easier to war dec and often are not always able to defend themselves meaning they will probably get blown up more often so a price that won’t kill the pocket book.

Also, moon chunks are half the size of what the others can pull up so in the example it shows 2,881,000 m3 of ore, the Catalan being a basic small refinery can only pull one up 1,550,000 m3 or about half the size meaning the value is substantially less.

Also, nerf the value by removing anything such as moon ores Cobaltite, Euxenite, Titanite, and Schedule, only ores common to high sec such as the upgraded ores but no moon ores making the final value enough to pay a good wage but won’t be over powered, can this be something that can be worked out?

Pretty sure this is unnecessary. The reason they only introduced it to .5 space was so that they could watch the impact of it before considering whether to expand it to higher sec systems.

Stroke chin with small beard, humm, ok then.

TBF, could you imagine the market shocks if moon mining was allowed in every system regardless of sec status?

Depends, as I said, small, nerfed, and basic ore already in high sec, and only half sized chunks, what it does is keep it small time, for small corporations, so most of those corporations would probably expand their fleets, build things, etc, for their little empire, but it also puts them at risk, if they can’t defend their small operations then the structure goes boom, but the countermeasure is that it is cheap to operate, a structure of 200 mil won’t kill the pocket book, but as well they will buy fuel, ice products, ISK flowing in different hands is a good thing.

There are a lot of untapped moons. It seems reasonable to me to maintain the status quo of .5 sec status systems in highsec only.

The introduction of the structure type is a whole different matter, though. Rather than petitioning to create additional moons that can be mined, you could perhaps focus on the structure itself.

Generally, I would be in favor of throw-away or destructible assets as a mineral sink to maintain the value of the materials employed in building it, in addition to the benefits to the economy from sinking the fuel. I am also in favor of items that are cheap enough to experiment with for newer or less established corporations so that they can learn how to use them before investing in more useful (and probably much more expensive) items.

I am skeptical of the use case, though. I believe it unlikely that a small corporation that feared wardecs would invest in such a structure at all, and I can imagine that if such structures were destroyed there would be an outcry from some of the populace that targeting these cheap disposable structures was scaring away all the new players/small corps. If I take that outcry as gospel, introducing anything into the game ecosystem that a newer corporation might lose will exacerbate the problem rather than fix it.

I don’t want to hijack the thread or digress too far, but I believe the POS still needs a suitable replacement, and something like this could potentially fill that niche to a degree. I would still strongly caution the risk adverse not to set up a floating target, though, even at a reduced cost.

You know honestly that has been a great response, thanks, I agree with you, I am an old dinosaur left over from a bygone era, I still use my POS.

What my POS allows me is a home away from my home system, why, I use it to compress ore and sometimes refine it, while there are refineries around they are not in all systems, then I found that some have refining not very high, the ones that do are a few jumps out from where I call home, for me compressing for transport makes it so much better and that is where my POS is very useful because not all systems have reprocessing facilities.

While I know the POS has to go I wish a compressing array could stay, what ease of transport did was allow me to get the job of building a cap ship done in a more or less efficient manner, what this did was allow me the ease to use a player run facility to build the cap ship, 80+ million ISK went from my Corp pocket to theirs, instead of my pockets to the black hole of NPC facilities, this is the missing piece, the thing that will slow me down again, my interests are mobile, yes I have a home system but move all over the map because of opportunities, all because of compressing, when this goes away I will more less scale back if it becomes a chore.

Thanks for the great response.

small refinaries allowed across all highsec, more anom spawns across empire end delete asteroid belts, also make the anoms scannable again

I would also like to see small structures and CCP Devs have mentioned the possibility but I don’t think they are anywhere close to the top of the priority list. For moon mining - I looked at the Minmatar COSMOS constellation Ani and found 283 moons. I haven’t scanned them but I think it’s safe to assume there are lots of mineable moons in 0.5 space!

Remember that your harvest needs to be sold on the in-game market and we need to keep supply and demand reasonably balanced.

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