Reactions for refineries available for high sec?

So just so I understand my question is about reactions for composite materials, in this brave new expansion no need to travel to low sec to do my reactions if I understand there will be simple materials extracted (cheaper stuff), from moon mining, I have an alt ready to train up if this is going to happen, just want to double check with my fellow Indys, I’m a bit obtuse.

Reactions will not be available in highsec. The only use for a refinery in highsec at the moment is ore/ice reprocessing. I expect fracking moons in 0.5 systems will be added but only for a higher grade conventional ore.

Bummer, thanks.

yeah they consider the reactions process “too toxic for empire space” so are only limted to our of empire. next year we will get 0.5 moon mining,

Probably still buggy and they need to write a code for it to function, possibly due to finding codes still left over from POS and modules as the community has stated that a new code is being written.

you wouldnt happen to have a link where that information is given would you agondray? or possibly a video with timestamp

I think the “toxic” part is on the module itself. I cant get in the game, ive been downloading resources since the new launcher dumped them which took a few days, than my computer removed all my games when a driver had a heartattack and ive been spending the past 4 days redownloading my resources so I can play eve.

thanks for sharing

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