Need help trying to do some maths here on the new refineries. I can’t be sure i’m working it out properly. So the question is, is it now unprofitable to buy (rather than mine it) raw/intermediary material to react into advanced material?

There are shortages of some ubiquitous moon goo that nobody placed specific refineries for, and nobody mined, and for which traders noticed and blew the markets out. It is probably somewhat temporary - I changed to mining secondary products off a couple of my moons because of the windfall profits, but I’d also imagine that a medium term trend might be that all raw materials go above 5k per unit, because of the manual labor and limited safety. Some of them started from a base of 100 or so, so they are massively more expensive now, but we might still be waiting on t2 goods prices to permanently shfit to reflect it.

Historically though the reactions business has always bounced around between shortages and excesses of individual products, there are people that only react part of the chain, and people that run entire chains or even multiple chains to t2 goods outputs, so some people may also be buying raw that is unprofitable for one part of a chain, just to keep profitable parts of a chain running.

The best reaction strategy was always a combo of waiting for highpoints in the market and shifting production to suit market trends, it was never a market that you could just buy x, y, react and sell and be guarenteed super profits.

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