When will you stop selling your reactions at a loss?

Seriously, can’t you guys count?

Most of the reactions are just sold at loss, and people still continue to issue sell orders. Just stockpile it.

You have to pay for the fuel anyway, if you are going to use your refineries to generate isk loss, why not just unanchor it?

You people just need to check your spreadsheets, reactions are not profitable.

Moon goo is free. :wink: Reactions are a loss for you because you apparently not own the moons to mine your ore.

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This is exactly the awnser I was expecting.

The moon goo is not free if you sell it on the market. You are just wasting money doing the reactions :wink:

Also, nowaday, you have to use the fuel of a refinery, PLUS the time to mine it.

Your statement cannot be more wrong.

If you buy the materials for very low cost from your miners at the place where they mine and react at the location, your end product prices are a lot lower than what someone can achieve who buys moon minerals from the market and reacts elsewhere.


– Not a miner

True, the point is that the price of the moon goo just goes higher and higher, and the price of the reactions didn’t follow that increase of value yet.

I’m trying raise awareness.

Then it would be still better to ship your goo to Jita instead of reaction. I’m not sure about the details, but the T2 market is fully controlled by the Goons. Maybe they just dump surplus reaction products to keep competition out, and embargo moon goo. Jita market does not tell us the truth about reaction business.

I made ~10B with reactions the weeks after the change but stopped when the prices “reversed” and sit on a stockpile of goo …

hence the need of raising awareness on this topic :wink:

:rofl: Shipping your moon goo to jita when you have a buyer directly in Delve or Deklein or Esoteria? Do you know how much fuel and effort it costs to move a JF from the first and last regions to Jita? Scrub miners don’t do that. Scrup EVE users want convenience and “help your buddies in your alliance”. You make more mining ISK by just keeping to mine instead of wasting time to move goo to Jita.

I made ~10B with reactions the weeks after the change but stopped when the prices “reversed” and sit on a stockpile of goo …

I too had a lot of benefits from the update, but now, the market is broken, and nothing other than mining is worth it (industry wise).

I guess with time everything will regulate itself, but it would be nice to accelerate things, so industrials can resume their activities. :slight_smile:

Sure, there are apparently not enough lowsec or near highsec moon miners left who are willing to serve Jita.

But the equation has another component, the surplus cheap reaction products indeed are shipped to Jita.

I doubt this will happen as long as the T2 market is controlled by a few people.

Wasting your time……

We all know that some people consider the ore they mine as free and you won’t made them change their mind… Add to this, that not everybody use spredsheets, not everybody takes industry seriously….

This is just a game and some people mine, make reactions, build T2 just for fun…. They won’t care about the prices they sell or if they make a profit or a loss….

People often say that the EVE Economy is just like the real world Economy. That is false… In Eve, you can mine Arkonor 10 hours a day, sell it for 5 isk a piece and if you Don’t lose your ship, you will still be richer tomorrow than you were today… you will never bankrupt as there are many ways to make ISK and it is easy. It doesn’t work in the real world but it is possible in Eve…

So It’s up to you to find the trends that make profit earlier than others and when the market is saturated because they are too many offers or because people sells at a too low prices, you have to switch to Something else…. It will be easier and quicker than educate people or change their minds…

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