Need help with moon mining profit calculation

Hey. I’ve decided to rent 3 moons in nulls ( its like 25% of outcome monthly ). I’m going to mine there vanadine, zircone,scheelite,loparite,chromite,xenotine,ytterbite. Since there is no deffence fleets i am planning to mine with porpoise and like 5-7 barges. My questions are : is it still more proffitable than regular mining with 25% taxes? Should i run reactions to increase the volumes but then to face more volumes to move to hs? And should i install rigs which have effect on outcome volume?


Alright, so for the first part you should take what the expected out come is from all 3 moons and total it for the month take out the rent cut and see what your left with and see if your satisfied. Its had to say just by looking at what you post if its indeed worth it. Reactions can be good but you have to plan it out and see the cost dif, fuel diff, hauling options/problems. Basically sit down and make a spreadsheet or write out each setup from start to finish. Include moving it all to market, does everything sell? do I have to have everything selling to make ends meat? what happens if I get camped for a month do I have enough from last month to cover this month? can I afford fuel…ect ect.
lots of math and judgement calls

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