Alchemy too inefficient now?

I’m looking (for first time) at alchemy to overcome the regional distribution of moon materials and high cost of transport, and despite taking much investigation and ISK to set up it seems pretty rubbish because I can not find a way to get the yield better than 55% when reprocessing the unrefined intermediates.

Is this unawareness of some mechanism on my part (I’ve checked structure type, rigs, space type), a deliberate nerf of this entire mechanic by CCP (to stimulate trade between regions whilst making trade very expensive with jump fuel changes), or, hopefully, and oversight by CCP in not extending the refinery rig reprocessing bonuses to alchemy intermediates?

How you tried the reprocessing implants?

Alchemy was created to limit the impact of Technitium and the monopoly it use to have. It has not been revised since the changes to moon mining this past December.

Also, given the prices of moon goo hasn’t exactly stabilized, I would hazard a guess that alchemy won’t be looked at for some time.

Alchemy was around before that and was adjusted during the Technetium spike. It’ll be a long time before CCP thinks of messing with Alchemy again. Until then we’re stuck with 1/2 of unrefined being stupid to make and 1/2 being some range of worthwhile.

i have RX-804. Not tried without.

Implants don’t effect reprocessing

The ones specifically for refining ore does… like the RX-804, unsure if they affect Moon ore

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