Moon Ore Evaluation

Hey guys,

I’ve put together a spreadsheet that determines the value of moon ore using current sisi composition and tq mineral/moon goo prices. CCP Lebowski has indicated there wont be any gross changes to the compositions going forward.

I don’t think much ore will be traded in Jita because of the low isk density making it hard to move.

I’ve used a intermediate value for reprocessing (between low and null) of 85% reprocessing efficiency for the valuation.



Thanks for this!!

Neither do I. I’d anticipate people transporting it to market hubs as raw goo, processed goo, or complex goo.

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I’ve been checking sisi for any last minute changes to moon ore composition.
CCP Lebowski recently announced that all stats were final on sisi, so I guess I don’t need to anymore but ill do a check once things hit tq just to be sure.


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