Can someone check my moon ore calculations please?

i’ve got my moons scanned, and i’ve gone as far as calculating what each moon is worth (isk/m3…i dont know how much m3 per day the structures will harvest yet.) i would like someone to check my numbers and see if i got this stuff right, i’ve included a google sheet with sample data!

Not looking at inferior sheets :stuck_out_tongue:… but the best I can tell a moon drill pulls 20,000m³/hr. OK, I did look at your sheet, I do know after my team has scanned 500+ moons that no % value is xx.00%, most are this long 43.4125214815%

Your average values for the new goo-bearing ores are way too high. The 100% refined mineral value of Coesite for example should be about 860.96 isk per unit using today’s 5% Jita values. No idea how you got 2100+.

his values are correct (divide that by 100 for one unit)
and from my sheet…

Oh, shiznit. I forgot to change my formula to include the moon goos on top of the minerals. RIP my bad.
edit: yup. Much better now. Looks good.

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