Terrible at fractional math, need help getting it, moon mining ore amounts

So I’m out today scouting moons out of curiosity and when you survey the moons this is the reading;

Bitumens 0.10461349785

Cubic Bistot 0.312656491995

Glossy Scordite 0.323806643486

Sparkling Plagioclase 0.258923411369

So my rudimentary understanding is this, take 100% then divide by the readings, in simpler terms it works out to
With the numbers after adding it all up to 100%.

So from this how do we know the profitability of a moon chunk, how do we determine a potential value, then convert it into ISK terms based on current prices.


Moons extract at a rate of ~20k m3 per hour. Can use that as a baseline.

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the current order of most valuable minerals (refined value) obtainable from HS moons, assuming thats where your station is, is the following:
Sylvite > Coesite Gneiss > Arkonor > Spodumain > bistot > crokite > Jaspet > Plagioclase > Pyroxeres > Hermophite > Veldspar > kernite > hedbergite > Ochre > Scordite > omber.

Moongoo minerals are currently on the downfall though (coesite fallen 50k/1000m3 since the release of HS moon mining) as a result of the sudden influx.

if you search in some rural systems you might end up finding some moons with at least 3 of the most profitable ores.

10 days cycle is going to bring in aprox. 4.7 mil m3 of ore. so around 20000m3/hr


Made this earlier, should be pretty useful.

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This was outstanding, loved it, easy to understand, thanks a bunch.

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