Moon Mining Payout sheet needed

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My Spreadsheet-fu is weak…

looking to make a spreadsheet that takes the value of moon ore products …and then calculates a payout after accounting for refining % and then corp buyback. ie i mined 2000 unites of Sylvite…this means at 81% refine rate i end up with apile of minerals and goo worht say 100m isk ( i wish!) …and with say 90% buy back means i would get 90m isk.

The mining ledger seems to screw over my corpies if used as guide as it estimates the value of the ore based on Jita buy/sell i think??

and no one hauls the ore to jita since u cant compress it…so prices all over the place…

does such a thin exist? can anyone make one?


(Jeronica) #2 is the closest I’ve gotten to. The price shown is 100% refine value, so take that x your refine rate - your corp cut.

If you are interested in an API for that info, I can totally create that endpoint and make it public if needed.

EDIT: forgot to mention, the values listed are per 100 units of moon goo, which is the minimum to refine.

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