Do I mine this stuff like normal or not?

So, since my luck is so great… I decided to try moon mining at the exact moment that these changes happened. Like…by the time I read “how to” pages and watched setup videos, scanned down 50 moons in my wormhole, picked the one that had a good amount of Arkonor and Spodumain for my manufacturing, bought an Athanor, and started the anchoring process, which all took around 3hrs… these changes happened and took place. I happened to stumble upon the Dev thread (I really don’t like sitting on the forums unless I have a question I can’t find info on in a reasonable amount of time)… and found out that I had wasted my time…

So… I decided to “fire the laser” and at least see how it all works anyway… The ore was of course gone… but the aboves 3 ores were there.

NOW my question… Do you mine this stuff like you do normal ore in a belt (with mining ships etc.) once you bust it up?

Bitumens, zeolite, sylvite, etc.

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Yes. Post much be at least 5 characters.

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Yes, but you’re going to find with your first pull that it’s simply not worth the time or effort.

Sorry to hear you got boned on this.

Except that we were all warned about these changes starting from early February.


I don’t know about that one. Coesite and sylvite may be worth a bit after reprocessing. If it is better than mining veldspar is different story.

Well, as evidenced by the number of first time posters on this forum since the changes, apparently most players don’t bother to read about upcoming changes…

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Is not even close to the value of Veld

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You need special mining crystalls and skills for effective mining / reprocessing. But yes, you can do it even in venture and reprocess it anywhere you can reprocess normal ore.


Love it… you absolutely went out of your way to do nothing for this topic. If you read, I VERY RARELY visit these forums unless I have a question.

Now I wasted my time replying to you… congrats, you have now wasted 3 people’s time… Give this guy a troll cookie.

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And thanks to those who answered the question for me. It was a simple question I know…there are those who give simple answers…and those who don’t give any answers except to find something wrong with the question.

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Could it be that those proposed upcoming changes were posted somewhere else other than these forums?

So, is it better to just compress and sell the raw moon ore…orrrr… reprocess it and sell the 2 minerals? It looked like some of the raw ore had a somewhat ok price… Might have to math it up and see which is better after the reprocessing loss.

Devblog posts, also in the launcher…

you can;t compress moon goo ores. That is why you have to reprocess them, otherwise volumes are crazy.

Yep, they knew these changes were coming for at least a month. If they didn’t read up on it, well, that’s on them. Same for the market update. Players knew it was coming for a month, yet still hopped on the forum to act surprised…


I got my questions answered thanks. Hopefully others who have similar questions will see it was answered in the first 2 replies and be helped… Regardless of when the “announcement” was made.

For every answer to a question there are 10 “you’re doing it wrong” people in the middle of it all. In a help topic… it’s sad.

You guys do know that only a small percentage of the playerbase actually browse the forums, right?

As for the Launcher, I’ll bet most players probably don’t even view the advertisements before activating their character group. Hell, the only time I view them is when I’m waiting for the Launcher to install a game patch.

Who’s they? People with legitimate questions who are fresh back from being gone a few years? Or “they” as in people who are beneath the all-mighty know-it-alls in the game who would rather make asinine statements out of boredom?

This is why I hardly visit the forums when I am playing…I get pulled into the childish bickering from trolls just because I can’t stand arrogance of some of (really most of) the EVE community.

Well perhaps they should…