Movement of minerals

Movement of minerals from low/nul-sec in a proftable way.

Why? Moon mining in 0.5 systems give anyone access to null sec ore. You can not mine in Rorquals, yes, but still no much point of moving any minerals from null now, IMHO.

It’s called Compressed Ores. Use it.

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I wan to start a discussion on the movement of minerals for sale purposes to high sec from the low sec regions.
Currently I have a couple of questions on how and the best way to move minerals from the low sec reasons of sale. I have found that hiring a freighter(jump) to move the minerals take out your whole profit margin or am I doing it wrong?

The only alternative I have come up with is to train up for a jump freighter and move the stuff myself, but is that profitable to do it that way ?

OK will look into that then,


for lowsec, a Miasmos or DST with cloak & MWD trick transporting compressed ore will be more value than you might want to move in one go (although it is fairly safe when flown correctly with cloak & MWD and instadock/-undock bookmarks).

In null the danger of bubbles makes this a bit less attractive - then you might indeed want to look into the common way of nullsec ore hauling - a JF full of compressed ore.


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Sell to a local manufacturer and let them worry about transporting it. You won’t get Jita prices but the difference in transport cost/risk will most likely make up that difference and then some.

Yup looked into JF with compressed ore. Just one problem most of what I mine is Moon Ore and that cannot be compresses so I refine and sell the moon stuff in Jita, That leaves the minerals which is to much M3 to move for profit most of the valuable minerals are just floating about in my hanger so that is why I am looking into a way to profitably move minerals from null to high sec. Thanks for the ideas and advice will continue to seek a way

I’ll buy it all. I’ll send you a message in-game if you’re interested and we can negotiate the details.

Do so

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