High sec Moon Ore reprocessing

The new Common Moon Ore Reprocessing skill does not cover high sec moon ores, and they removed the Ubiquitous reprocessing skill from the game.

So, every reprocessing of high sec moon ores will take a major hit with the patch.

The infinite douchebaggery of this dev team is a marvel to behold

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Since they are removing half of the resources you refine from Ubiquitous Ore, you don’t really need any skills anymore.

OMG, I checked it, and they removed all the minerals like they said they would, but added NOTHING in return.

The yield on the goo is the same as before. You now lose 50% of the value of the ore when you reprocess, instead of actually adding about 25-30% as was the case before.

This is an effective nerf of about 2/3rds to the value of high sec moon ore. How in hell is nobody talking about this?

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They are, there are tons of posts in the official thread about the negative impact this will have, not just to the income of HS Moon Miners, but also to people who rely on the minerals they produce.

What did you expect? CCP said they were going to remove the minerals. They aren’t suppose to have minerals in them besides the Moon Goo. As for being buffed they don’t need it. R4 comes from most other moons as well and the HS moons are not meant to be highly lucrative in value.
The indy changes earlier this year still require absurd amounts of R4 so their value won’t decrease that much if at all.

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The decrease in value will make them so unprofitable after fuel costs that loads of them will shut down. Whether that will make a dramatic impact on R4 prices, I have no idea.

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“Highly lucrative”?

Are you high?

High sec moon ores are about 15 mil an hour for the solo player. After the changes it will be around 5.

NOBODY in their right mind will mine R4 moons.

It won’t because R4 come from other moons as well. Again, it might have a slight impact on it, but I don’t expect a large spike in price

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Highly lucrative as you, you are able to mine anywhere from 8mil m3 to 16mil m3 worth of R4, take it to a station in LS and then convert that to different reactions and make billions. Quite easily.

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Dude, it’s 15 mil isk an hour.

Level 3 missions can give twice that. L4s can easily do four times that, often more.

Wtf are you smoking?

Go do missions then. Problem solved!

Stop trying to force people into doing things they don’t want to do, in a ■■■■■■■ sandbox.

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I’m not forcing you to go do anything. All it is, is removing something from R4 rocks that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. R4 will still be very valuable if you know what to do with it. The ore straight up is not worth much because people are lazy. Once reprocessed it become much more valuable and can be further turned into even more valuable things.

Well, less miners anchoring structures and mining moon ore means less content for scumbags. And, quite frankly, 15 mil an hour is already garbage money, even for HS. So, 5 mil an hour seems like a joke. Personally, I think that HS moon mining should be the most profitable thing you can mine in HS, given the increased costs and risks of anchoring structures.

Of course, I have no clue what should be tweaked or by how much, but I think that miners actually have a valid complaint with this one.

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I crabbed this in 251 minutes (measured in the amount of foreman charges burned) on sunday morning with my 6 hulk alts (skill maxed, t2 mining scripts, no implants) and an orca (skill maxed + implant) and reprocced the ore at the local Athanor. Before I came to attend my moon belt, it had been out for a day, and neutrals had cherry picked most of the Brimfuls, so the income would be higher if I had properly attended my moon. As the orca didn’t mine, the income is pretty much 854 / 6 = 142M isk per Hulk that was mining for somewhat more then 4 hours. Per hour income is therefore 34M isk per Hulk.

That’s not mining though. You can buy R4 at a market and take it to a reactor to generate profit, and it’ll be more profit because you can react more materials then you can mine. Of cause a barge can mine more r4 then you can react in the time it takes the barge to mine it, but your reactions can run 24/7, you likely won’t mine 24/7.

I guess you missed the part where I said “Solo”.

A “solo” capsuleer has no access to r4, because r4 is generated by refineries, which are corporation assets. So you either join a corporation, which organizes a mining fleet, or you rogue mine, in which case you should be happy not to get wrecked by the corp that operates the refinery.

But even completely without support, each of the hulks would be jetcanning 25M of R4 per hour.

I guess you live in places where people are all assholes. Lots of corps run refineries and allow people to mine the moon ore freely.

You also assume that a solo miner is unable to have their own athanor? There are plenty of 0.5 systems that are relatively quiet that people mine in.

R4 is a good business. The moon goo is the main business and the minerals are just extra on top. The extra on top can be dropped and you will still have a good income. As for buying the R4 then just doing the reactions, sure you can do that, but reactions take time. Whatcha gunna do while those are running? Why not just mine some more R4 so you dont have to buy as much.