High sec Moon Ore reprocessing

If you ask corporations whether they’re fine with you mining their moon ore, those corporations that are fine with it will probably also offer you to join their mining fleet.

Assuming no hull losses while mining or hauling the R4, and mining at the 15M isk/hour you stated, for 12 hours every 2 weeks (6 hours/day for 2 consequent days each second week on weekly pulls, as half of the pulls in highsec are unminable over incursions) would make 360M isk/month, which is approximately the fuel cost I think, so it might be possible to sustain the structure, but risk assessment makes it prohibitive.

You are just taking the value of the ore at hand. If you want to make the big bucks you can’t just stop at the ore. Actually use that ore for something and make further down the line products. Then you can make large profits.
Quit looking at it as just base ore value, the value for moon ore comes from the Moon Goo, not the ore itself.

Building something with the ore and thereby making income is not mining income.
You can perfectly make a fortune with things you build out of materials or ores without mining even 1 m^3. Just buy your ore at a market and build your stuff.

Those who mine ore and sell that ore are going to continue to be poor then. Making a living by just purely selling ore that is mines is not going to net anyone much isk, unless they are scaled up to a large number using many mining ships for long periods of time.
Mining isn’t suppose to be lucrative at the base level. Same way with PI. P0 isn’t worth much but once you start advancing down the line you start to see large increase in value. You want to make lots of income, then continue down the line. You want to make little income, then sell the basic ores.

If you mine ■■■■ ore in highsec you’ll be poor. If you mine r64 in nullsec you won’t be.

You can mine just any other ore in null, and you won’t be poor either. unlike the highseccers, you don’t lose ships all the time so there’s no hulls to replace with the income.

There’s no rats in the anoms, there’s no incursions, no invasions, larger rocks made of more expensive ore. In case of mercoxit and moons betls, it’s an order of magnitude more expensive. It’s just paradise for miners, at the expense of being plain boring.

Ah, we have better ice in null, too