Hi Sec Moon mining RIP. Sell your athanors before it's too late!

Nice done CCP.
Hi Sec mining isnt much profitable at all and you literally kill it with new update.

Risk versus reward.


Or time maybe?
You need stay on it 24/7 to mine every piece of that ore.
Or pay for additional accounts to mine faster.
I dont see any “rewards” here.

Yeah, and kids don’t make any money attending preschool, either.


We are planning on increasing the demand for R4 moon goo through the industry (blueprint) changes. These changes don’t have a delivery date yet.


I’m pretty stoked about not having to read HS moon “ninjamining” whine threads anymore.


You don’t need to do either, moon mining is not a solo activity; what you need is friends.


Not everyone have a bunch of friends playing eve at the same time.

Make new friends.


When there’s blood on the streets, buy property.


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Is there anything you don’t whine about?


Which is why moon mining is not for everyone.

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Ice fields still empty in 20 minutes, orcas still get bumped, skiffs get murdered in belts by diamond rats and now Triglavion scouts as well as t1 haulers OTW to Jita. Hisec is still awesome and I’m sure you will continue to read about it.

That looks like another version of Soon™.

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I guess it’s time to buy athanors actually.

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Are you implying Hi Sec miners take no risk? It’s probably higher risk of ship destruction than nullblock mining.

I don’t know of a single ice field that empties in 20 minutes. Most last a couple hours.

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That’s just silly.


Yeah bro. If you want to play solo, that’s your prerogative, but I don’t think CCP is in the wrong for not ensuring personal refineries remain profitable. Like other MMO devs, they design content for different players with different likes and playstyles -which includes designing content for both group and solo play. If you can make group content work solo, that’s good for you. But they aren’t going to design everything in this game for you in particular, and don’t owe you the ability to solo everything.

So, I would suggest looking into (1) multiboxing, (2) making friends, (3) splitting fuel costs and mining rights with another solo player, (4) waiting for further changes, or (5) getting out of refineries altogether.

Or, you could complain about it and see how far that gets you.