Advanced Reprocessing Unit & Compressed Moon Ore

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in one of my posts (although I do not recall which one) I have mentioned an idea about reprocessing instead of being instantaneous it should take time. Similar to using an industry line or reaction line.

My thinking of this is that you are paying for a structure to reprocess minerals and 99% of the time it is online and not actively being used to me it just makes sense that reprocessing takes time.

I can understand uprooting the entirety of the reprocessing system would be a smack in the teeth for a lot of players, which is why I have mentioned the concept of the longer the reprocessing line runs the better yield in minerals during the end goal.

Now this concept, I’m sure seems like its reasonable idea, better yield in return for a wait.

But it got me thinking, what else could this be used for and my mind instantly went to moon goo.

Hear me out on this one, I’ll explain below.

So in short every miner and industry player in the game has been asking for compression of moon goo for a while now. I don’t think has been done due to the fact that with the way compression, reprocessing and industry currently works it could cause problems with the markets, being able to mine and move easier these resources would create a huge drop in price for T2 production if we used the current system in game.

So this is my thinking

grant players compressible moon ore

however there is a catch

it is not the same compression rate as standard ores.

The compression rate would have to be calculated probably by an economist, who watches over the in game markets to ensure their balanced but it would not be 100:1

considering the concept here is not only compressed moon goo but also a new reprocessing unit to increase the refining yield over time (the longer the wait the better the yield)

this way, we as players now do in fact have our compressed moon goo, its just not so insanely efficient as standard compression

but theres a catch

the catch is that compressed moon minerals CANNOT be reprocessed through the normal reprocessing unit, you have to get one of the new “Advanced Reprocessing Unit” for your structures. (should you choose too)

now you might be thinking “i like the concept but this seems a bit over kill for compressed moon goo”

well my thinking is that the Advanced Reprocessing Units can also equally give you a higher yield for standard ores which have been compressed

the idea is that the “APU” is intentionally designed to give a player better yields from compressed ores, through more careful and less aggressive or destructive means.

Allowing the players a choice of weather or not they even invest in this unit as a whole.

If you’re paying for a structure which does nothing 99.9% of the time and gives you an “acceptable refine rate” I personally think that players will be keen for improved refine rates but at the cost of time, I mean hell, in that time they can just go mine some more!

I’m sure this will need some research however the increase of minerals for t2 ships ultimately should be scales so it doesn’t cause a massive impact on the T2 markets, further more athanors and tatara’s will become targets which means the ISK in the game will flow differently, t2 ships COULD POSSIBLY become SLIGHTLY cheaper however the need to defend a structure is higher, as these structures go up, the demand goes up, which causes a demand for minerals, which is what we’re all fighting for in this game.


There would be little reason to NOT use reprocessing over time. The bottle neck will still be the amount you can mine/buy. So what happens is your payouts are delayed a little (however long advanced reprocessing takes) but after that first delivery, everything else happens just as it did before but with more profit. There is no meaningful choice.

Same with moon goo compression.

As a miner, industrialist and massive ore mover who makes more than most from compression mechanics, please no. Do not let us compress moon ore. In fact nerf compression…lots!

There is no need for me to be able to carry ~3bil worth of hi-sec ore in an almost uncatchable and unassuming miasmos. Let alone a fleet of them.

Likewise carrying ~50bil worth of ore in each freighter.

well this is why I suggested that moon goo wouldn’t be subject to the same compression ratio as standard ore which is 100:1
just as example the moon goo could be 100:75 (meaning you can haul 25% more in compressed form than normal)

i’m not against the idea of nerfing compression, it would mean more content for logistics pilots which would mean more activity.

i’m not 100% clued up on how the new nullification works but perhaps with those changes there is now a chance to at least catch one or two? (genuinely don’t know)

isn’t the point of a frieghter to specifically carry large amounts of assets though?

truthfully i can’t really comment on any of this further as i don’t really know much about the combat side of things when it comes to catching or ganking freighters i will leave that to better minds than myself.

even if the compression of moon goo was taken out, i think the reprocess over time factor would be something worth entertaining. like i said i did put this in another post on here but for the life of me i do not know where it is. or what i even called it, i do know its in this area of player features and ideas.

I’m still amazed that after all those years, one character can reprocess all ore in New Eden with one mouse click. Without isk or time cost

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so now that industry has become a royal pain in the ass with ore distribution narrowed by region, isk sinks by the dozen in build costs, significant increases in risk due to having to haul crap everywhere, you idea is to make reprocessing take longer to improve yield to more than the current 89.3% we already get? requiring mfg station slots as dozens of miners load in their stuff ? I see no real value in that. As to the moon goo compression thing, it sounds complicated and difficult to explain. I imagine CCP will jump at that, it fits right in with the DBS, ESS,. bounty modifier stuff they have been coming up with. And, btw. reprocessing does cost ISK. there is a ccp tax on every transaction.

It hasn’t changed much for this particular scenario. Cloaky MWD’s still work. Webbing alts. And if i got caught, the Miasmos couldn’t fit enough warp stabs to stop a Blackbird with 6 longpoints before the changes anyways.

Large volumes yes. But we’re not talking about the capacity of freighters. If freighters were gone tomorrow i could still carry maybe 15bil worth in an Orca.

There’s just no sense in being able to carry such vast quantities of ore. Its a type of power projection. So i’m also very wary of adding anything like compression to moon goo.

Only 89.3% with max skills, implants and T2 module


No to both. I don’t use structures to reprocess, i use NPC station since I pay 0 isk to reprocess materials…

  1. There are reasons why you cannot compress moon goo… it doesn’t need to happen.

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