Suggestion - Reprocessing Rework

I think reprocessing should be more realistic. It shouldn’t happen instantly with a click of a button, that’s completely unrealistic, it should make people wait to reprocess things, because it takes time in reality.

I too would like another arbitrary timer.


For POS reprocessors it did take time. They didnt keep that for a reason

My first impulse was to argue that “we have stargates between systems where nothing moves — moons, planets, and don’t start me on the belts”… so I just repressed it.

But a more “in character” idea came to me: maybe we could imagine that reprocessing facilities have some mineral & stuff stock on hand. When you hand them your ore/ice/goo, they give you part of that stock in exchange, then they process your input to replennish their stock, and use the excess reprocessed mats for whatever use NPCs might have of them (sell them planet-side, make some tiny profit, in-station maintenance…)

I can see holes in that fiction (why no minerals NPC sell orders on the market, why don’t we have to handle that stock thing for citadels…) but like I pointed earlier, not everything is totally “realist” in EVE anyway, so that one could be enough too (: Mainly, that would give a purpose to reprocessing ratios beyond “please sink some skill points here”.

Not everything in eve should be compared to reality. Besides eve is set in the future

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@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras yes thousands of years in the future… yet, we are still wearing glasses LOL

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