Reprocessing Skills

Does anyone here have perfect reprocessing skills across the board? If so, any advice on how to get there?

I’m at fours and fives now. I did a neural remap, poured everything into memory and intelligence, and I’ve got upgrades for memory and intelligence I plan to upgrade after The Grand Heist is over.

Right now I’ve got 11 months of reprocessing skills in my queue, and five Resource Processing skills I need to buy, mostly for moon goo. With the moon goo I’m able to mine, I might be able to buy one large skill injector each week.

Any other ideas (apart from PLEX or RMT) that could speed things along? I think large skill injectors are probably my best bet at this point, but I’m open to ideas that don’t require real cash.

You don’t need perfect reprocessing skills to perfectly reprocess - in my alliance there are multiple people with perfect reprocessing skills that can do the reprocessing for you, for a small fee. And I guess most other corporations/alliances have such people as well.

That said, if you do want to get those reprocessing skills youself, it’s not much different from training other skills.

Remap helps (which you already did); implants will help, either +4s or +5s if you’re willing to pay a lot more for a little extra; injectors are a good option if you’re not yet into heavy injected diminishing returns; cerebral accelerators (possibly with the implant that boosts their duration) are a good alternative if you’ve got injector diminishing returns and have biology 5.

Both cerebral accelerators and injectors can be bought with ISK, which means that if you want to speed up the training time you could use a decent ISK income. Just be careful that you don’t burn yourself out grinding for ISK as it’s going to take a long time.

Best way to do it is to put it all in your skill queue of your reprocessing/mining alt and then wait a year, or whatever time is needed to train it all. Start with the more useful ones for your part of space and start getting them all to level 3 or 4 for the mining improvements they offer.

(I mentioned training it on a mining/reprocessing alt, as all of the reprocessing skills are kind of useless for any other type of character as they don’t carry over to any other activity apart from mining.)

There is also a reprocessing implant that you want to have.

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Don’t forget that there is a reprocessing implant as well.

Slot 8: Zainou “Beancounter” Reprocessing RX-804 - 4% better reprocessing


I appreciate the advice. Right now in my alliance there’s one guy who does all the reprocessing for the alliance. While he does a great job, a large part of my endeavors toward perfect reprocessing skills is so I can help him lighten his load, since he also has approximately a bajillion other things on his plate at any given time.

I’ve got a reproc implant, but it’ll need an upgrade. I got it before I was aware of the lone patron saint of reprocessing we have in our alliance. We had two, actually, but one has gone entirely MIA.

I’m at right around 8e6 SP total, with about 3.9e6 dumped into reproc, so I’m still in a good position to benefit from skill injectors. I don’t have the RM to support a dual training license at the moment, so I’m focused on training my main while mining moon goo, which is far less costly than anything related to combat, even if it doesn’t pull in the ISK combat does.

Depending on your situation, you may not need to have all skills maxed now. If you guys mainly mine moons, then you can focus on the type of moons you mine first and then train ore/ice/other moons at a later time.

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Lately I have prioritized the ores I commonly see, though I wish I’d have thought to do so sooner. There isn’t much point in reprocessing Veldspar in nullsec.

looks like i have 114 out of 200 levels trained for anything reprocessing… some of the more “known” ores i’ve been in contact with i’ve gotten up to L4 or L5 to get the most out of reprocessing, especially when I was in Null and doing my own reproc…

I was digging around on EVEref, and saw there are or were +7 attribute implants. I assume those are no longer available to players or are somehow impractical to get, since the routine suggestions I’ve come across mention +5 as the maximum.

I have perfect skills and implants on two chars. How did I do it, one skill at a time.

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