Hi,how to get skills points on Sisi? Cuz on market i don’t see any skill injectors.

Not a lot of players sell skills on Sisi, since it takes work to extract them and the ISK for them goes away at the next reset. Try to find someone in your corp who is willing to strip skills for you (they will have to then wait 2 weeks to be able to refresh their trained skill levels with /copyskills) or do the stripping and saving up of injectors yourself to apply after you have refreshed skills 2 weeks later.

If you have a toon with with over 5mil SP, another option is to buy seeded plex for 100 isk/unit, buy extractors from the NES on SiSi, and then extract in order to respec or move those skills to another toon.

I was trying,but my SP is 4,5 mil :frowning:

Yea you can’t extract until you are at 5.5 mil.

Well, it’s not as fast as injectors, but there’s a few other things you can do to greatly increase your training rate. First, buy master of arms cerebral accelerators to speed up your training on SiSi. Second, train different skills from what you’re training on TQ, then use the /CopySkills command to copy your skills from TQ to Serenity. Third, you should buy the best learning implants you can and maybe even do a neural remap.

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