How to get skill skill injectors on Sisi?

As the subject line says. Aren’t they supposed to be available, and for cheap? There are some around for crazy prices like 900 BILLION ISK. Even with insurance fraud, that’s just nuts and would take forever to generate.

Also, where is the recommended system with all the goods stocked?

Buy PLEX, buy extractors in the NES, extract SP, reinject SP.

Open the market. Look for any non-faction item. You will find many seeded stations in the region. Unless CCP screwed something up really badly and removed the market as some people have noticed.

Nope, just grab extractors and suck the insides out of your alts … Like a nerdy vampire.


NES? New Eden Store?

Can you explain the extract/reinject SP thingy? If I extract, SP goes away right?

yep SP goes away so you can only redistribute some SP. I think there is a copy skills command so you could probably extract then copy skills and then inject, but I’m not sure how that works.

There must be something I’m missing, right? I mean… is it really this painful to get into a position to be able to test something out?

A few million SP are given out on Sisi each time there is a mass test if you participate (typically happens once per month). Other than that, I think the strategy outlined above (buy injectors with cheap PLEX, then either extract from alts or extract from self and use /copyskills) has some merit. /copyskills is supposed to grant you all the skills your TQ character has, at their TQ level.

Yes, it is. It is, however, a reasonable restriction. If you could just buy a couple of injectors for 100 ISK each, CCP’s reward for participating in mass tests, the 2M SP, would be worthless.

A good way to grind injectors on sisi is to load up a ship with a bunch of skill injectors in the cargo on tranquility, and then use the /copyships command. All the injectors in the ship will be copied over and you can use the /copyships command once every day. Alternatively, you can copy over faction/deadspace/officer modules and sell them for injectors since they arn’t seeded on tranquility either. Or train some industry skills and build titans/supers on sisi since all the materials are free, and sell them for injectors.

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I was wondering about that cause I wanted to check out the trig ships with full functionality, but can’t cause stuck at lvl 4 ships and weapons due to trainign time.

The other thing is I can’t find any faction or deadspace stuff on markets other then ammo and booster charges. Everrything is T1 and T2.

I made some fitted ships on TQ then used the /copyships command, but then I had to fly to the boonies to get them as they ddin’t get copied into their stations … + I don’t have enough ISK to be splurging too much anyways.

And I did not get any SP during the mass test. So whats up with all that ?

The testing server isn’t really there to make life easy for you :slight_smile: But most of this is solvable.

To get ISK - buy some expensive ship, insure it, then self-destruct it.

Faction/deadspace items are not seeded except for some special items like excavator drones. I think you can get some of them from the LP stores, the rest you’ll have to copy from TQ.

For mass test SP - follow GM instructions during the mass test.

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The best way.

What I did is buy injectors with plex bought at Amarr (use /moveme to get around), logged in an alt, stripped out her SP, stripped out my unneeded (mining, industry, social etc) SP, then re-injected SP.

O i know, I was just under some weird impression, that since the lvl 4-5 filaments were obviously designed to be ran with faction, blinged, mutated modules in mind, that they might want these actually truly tested and allow access to at least some limited number of these.

This is some truly beutiful content and I want it to succeed on all of its ranges, not just lvl 1+2 and some people 3s, with 4s and 5s being about as good and popular as the current Resource Wars are.

I don’t disagree but that’s just wishful thinking :smiley:

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run sites… ?

Don’t use a gila or any other active tanked shield cruiser for level 4/5 sites, you’re better off with an armour hac

type /copyskills in local

Mods, isn’t this thread in the wrong category ?

Tested this today and can confirm that it doesn’t work. At least, not immediately. After you use a skill extractor on Sisi, you are locked out of using /copyskills command for 14 days.

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