I don't see the Eve Isk Per Hour thread in the new forums, yet

(Macker Momo) #1

Years ago when I was active and manufacturing, I used Eve Isk Per Hour. There was a thread in the old forums where people could ask questions and make comments.

Would someone familiar with the latest version of that app please let me know what options I might select if I’m using one of the new industry structures with rigs offering production bonuses? I see options for station, outpost, or POS.

Also, if there is a thread and I missed it in my search, please let me know. Thanks.

Edit. I also used to be able to calculate (somehow?) the best way to buy raw materials, either in unreprocessed or reprocessed form. Now I see compressed, unprocessed materials, and I’m at a loss to convert compressed materials into raw materials. There must be some tools I haven’t found in my few days back in EVE. If someone knows a formula for exactly what a compressed unit is, or if there are tools that make the conversion much easier, I’d love a link. Thanks again.