Compressed ore i station worth 0 isk?

Just compressed my ore haul for today, and I noticed that the value of that ore was ZERO. Went to check the market, and there wasn’t any buy or sell orders for those compressed ores, but the ore I compressed yesterday ( before patch release) was still listed in the market, but under a different name ( it was now "batch compressed (ore name) " ) . Does this mean that ore compressed in stations is worthless???

No. It just means there hasn’t been enough activity for market data to drive that displayed estimate. The new compressed ore types were just released today, so they need to be traded on the market a bit before the system can estimate value (as that is driven by sales in your current region).

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Well, that’s a relief…For a moment I thougt the finantial backbone of my entire operation was gone. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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You should not trust these numbers on their own, ever. EvE’s heuristics for estimating value of cargo are inaccurate. They usually don’t match the reality of the market/contracts. And if the item can only be traded in contracts then the estimated value will always incorrectly be 0 (ex: BPCs).

The new compressed ore variants are just very new, so the market players haven’t had much time to react on the market yet.

About how long should it take for there to be enough data accumulated to see the value estimates?

IIRC it uses the 30 days regional market average, so it depends on how soon trades are done in your region via the market, and it crosses whatever the minimum activity threshold (if any) CCP set for that feature.

When I just logged on now, I see there is an estimated value, wasn’t one yesterday. so I’m guessing that the system needed a full week of market activity before generating an estimate.

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