MILINT ARC Trooper For CSM 18

So, also this year we have the meme candidate. Excellent. If - for a thousand reasons or none at all - you end up in the CSM with Drake, I swear I’ll bring the popcorn to Groska for all devs at the Summits.

please do not wish this hell upon me


We do have tourism tours if needed.

Vote for MILINT, for more fits!

More activity, more tourism (that may or may not end with a killmail), more interesting concepts, and yes corpse launchers! And combat tractor beams!

Milint can you break you stance down into less than 250 words? Include what you think needs changing/what needs added.

I am too lazy to read that massive wall of text you created.

It is absolutely vital that MilInt and Drake are forced to serve on the csm together.

@PixyWarrior_Ellecon This might be a problem, because the more I ask and look around. There are problems everywhere.

So Review, Add, Buff.

Almost every field is having problems from the 2020 to today time frame.

Interactive and Escalation content is desired by almost every sector high/low/null/wh/pochven.

The biggest first hand though, is getting the haulers setup with all the buffs to their ships. We need to increase movement of goods around New Eden.

We need to review what is in game at the moment, we add where holes are, and buff what is still in game.

Probably as simplistic we can do.

Next thing its going to be CSM Fight Club? Well this will be interesting.

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MILINT ARC Trooper, an EVE Online player since August 2020, is running for CSM18. They have experienced various eras in the game, including the Triglavian Invasion and Scarcity Era. They’ve engaged in diverse activities, exploring forgotten content and witnessing both positive and negative changes across gameplay facets.

MILINT ARC Trooper aims to be a representative voice for a broader spectrum of New Eden, particularly focusing on the Industrialists, Mining, Hauling, and Exploration Communities that feed into EVE Online’s ecosystem.

As a solo player, they’ve followed the advice of a veteran EVE player to not join a corporation, leading to unique adventures. They approach their candidacy with a realistic perspective, avoiding overpromising.

Regarding concerns, MILINT ARC Trooper highlights issues with changes lacking comprehensive testing, which has led to unintended consequences. They provide detailed feedback on various in-game mechanics and changes:

  1. HAC Changes: Discusses the Muninn ship’s imbalanced resistances and suggests adjustments to its setup.
  2. Frostline Omnivore Mining Upgrade: Highlights a module’s issues post-patch and its impact on the game.
  3. Mining Changes - Waste: Addresses the negative reception of waste mechanics introduced to mining.
  4. Mining Changes - Crystals: Criticizes the unified crystals system and suggests improvements.
  5. Mining Industrial Core and Support Infrastructure: Notes problems with the Industrial Core and its implications.
  6. Mining Changes - Compression: Suggests refinements to compression mechanics for a smoother experience.
  7. Nullification and Interceptors: Talks about the impact of nullification changes and proposes adjustments.
  8. Warp Core Stabilizer: Critiques the negative effects of this change on ship vulnerability and suggests alterations.
  9. Shrinking Cargos: Expresses concerns about cargo shrinkage affecting ship values and new players negatively.
  10. Planetary Interaction and Industry: Points out issues with P.I. mechanics and suggests improvements.

MILINT ARC Trooper’s platform focuses on enhancing the gameplay experience for several communities within EVE Online:

  1. Hauling Community: Proposes new Triglavian Hauling ships, buffs to specialized T1 haulers, and the creation of unique hold modules.
  2. Mining Community: Suggests improvements to compression, drone specialization, and mining anomalies.
  3. Exploration Community: Advocates for unique escalation sites, interactive items, and more rewards for exploration.
  4. Faction Warfare Community: Addresses concerns about recent changes to faction warfare and suggests improvements to mechanics and LP stores.
  5. Infrastructure Stance: Proposes changes to station mechanics, fuel debuffs, and nationalization of Highsec POCOs.
  6. Miscellaneous: Offers various suggestions for improvements and additions to the game, from module diversity to ship roles and collectible ships.

MILINT ARC Trooper’s candidacy promises a balanced and thoughtful approach to addressing concerns and enhancing EVE Online’s gameplay experience across various communities.

In my brief interactions since becoming a CSM Candidate, MilInt has proven to be imaginative, intelligent, and optimistic. We should protect their smile instead of being haters.

Thank you for the positive stance Melicien.

May the best Capsuleer Win!

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May the best 12 capsuleers win. I don’t think we’re competing ;p

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I had a few questions for you regarding Highsec wars and ganking:

Do you think that the current wardec mechanics need iteration?

Do you think ganking is balanced in it’s current state?

Is there a way to make ganking more interactive for counter-play?

Will you stop RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Milint?

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Hey man long time no see, any way just wanted to let you know you got my vote. Cheers!

@Andrew_Kouva It is happy to see you around. I still remember my first death in lowsec from you and Josh.

Happy to see you guys are still wandering around.

This has been considered in several angles. And there is alot of dissent over the wardec system. I have watched newbro corporations, or people trying to start out get wardecced and they have no way to respond or counter fight the attacker. {I am not sure if its wise to put a protection on newbros etc…which would not be recieved warmly.] However, maybe the cost of wardecs in highsec should be higher or require some sort of LP [Coupon] to engage a certain level of wardec fighting.

Or one can collect kill rights or bounties on a target and then proclaim a wardec.
But the current counter play which is the “holding corp shell game” allows most corps wardecced to hide assets, and get things out of the threat potential.

There has also been arguments over if someone doesn’t act upon a wardec inside 30 days, the wardec is invalidated.

In dealing with ganking, currently the option that CCP decided to go with alphas can not set their safety to red in highsec. [And some stories of it being so rigid they can’t do yellow] has curtailed the positive wealth feedback loop issue that alot of ganking players were using to become fabulously wealthy, and to also create armies of disposable gank alts. To profit a looter or main. This has been pretty much nipped in the bud. [Not 100% like someone else running for CSM is advocating] but it has eliminated a feedback loop that no one could counter attack.

However, there is one little issue. I came into this game when bounties were common. You should have seen the people who tried to get me bountied to death and to quit the game. They found out the hard way. :sweat_smile: So some people never would undock because they were so high up in bounties.

Also Security Status is a bit imbalanced as well. -10 to 5+. Which is kind of odd. Although you will find older players in this game with 7+ security standings from an older era. I personally think it needs to -10 to 10+. It also allows players to engage more aggressively each other, but also allowing for gank-countergank gameplay. This guy has been ganking me for a bit, you know what I am going to get the first shot on him just to make him think next time. I will get Concorded and lose some of my standings, but I will rep that back up. And on my way.

Another thing to counter ganking, would be reintroduction of bounties. Not like the old system which encouraged people to use alts to clear bounties and kill rights. But an anonymous system, that players can select a bounty from a pool or market of said bounties. Once you have selected one and paid the initial fee. The Data on the Target will be revealed to the bounty hunter. Now this can be used with kill rights or without them. Meaning a target can be stalked hunted and then killed without them truely knowing. Your a ganking pilot, you might want to be a bit more picky and choosy of your targets, because someone might start putting bounties on you, that don’t notify until you ship goes BOOM.

@Yendor_Kashada2 The RMT and Gambling via 3rd Party systems is going to a bit of a problem. Because one due to the “grey zone” of EULA/TOS appication and usage in EVE Online. Technically, one could use things like zkill to confirm bets on particular players being killed in a fight etc. Then confirming the players wagers and then trasactions in or out of game can be done. But also there is that little quirk of legal when dealing with internet and various countries.

CCPs official stance is RMT is bad, enforcement though that is even from my understanding at their prerogative. [Take what you may of that good or bad or greyzone] this includes entire characters being hardwiped and locked out of EVE Online. [Probably explains the dragon hoard of bot account ships for Yulai…or weird mass expulsions of [Empire] Citizen pods and other items at random times in bulk on undocks or random places in EVE Online. ]

However, the issue of RMT is two fold.
One rare (non repeated) items like lets say [theoretically] a Sarum Magnate. This ship can be estimated via ISK per hour and IRL plex purchase to isk conversion hour. To $20,000 dollars IRL. [Although in my perspective any all special ships are well “worthless” because they are generated by CCP and not built from a blueprint in some cases.]

Now more of the more modern special edition ships are usually given out in BPCs first then built. However, the rarity of these ships and the small batches and for many completely superior stats make these ships a prime target “token” [item used for transactions to hold value] for RMT. You can also see why destruction or losses of such rare ships are usually considered a very horrifying experience for all involved. Because it means the destruction of a “token” in the game. This can be also done with the rare highsec capitols that remain, and especially valuable characters can be bought and sold through various means. [A whole new spin on Spai ops.]

Two, RMT in a weird sense can also be a “grey labor market” Lets say you as a player don’t want to grind for the plex or the skills of an alt or main. Well you can higher any number of completely desperate people in other parts of the world. Pay them to skill up or train or grind things. [Now this particular side of the game issue could be negated by returning to “introduction” account status. But that would make alot of players not want to try the game because it would undercut the F2P methodology message. ]

In some ways this particular perspective of RMT is highly related to Botting [creation of automated systems to complete tasks without human interaction. Which is going to get more and more difficult to policy as tech screams ahead. ] But one could make an argument that multiboxing can also encompasses this as well. But all three pull value out of the game. And also RMT especially means less money spent for EVE Online in CCPs wallets.

I think though, in order to combat some RMT or make it less desirable. I think some special edition ships are way overdue for some “redistribution” [with new creative collectible skin batches of course.] If CCP allows for more ships that are being used as “tokens” to be made this would depreciate the value of both the “token” as the ships are being used. But also mean the characters being traded back and forth now are less likely to be traded in such manner. Allowing some ships to break the ice for highsec access [with limitations] would also make the highsec super “tokens” less appealing.

Also if CCP were to take lessons from other games, with their gold [Plex] markets. Maybe one could purchase PLEX through a CCP controlled or sanctioned system inside the game. [Some special “privileges’” could be extended of course to some of the better trusted or liked persons; but this would mean CCP would have to create a very unique vetting and certification process to allow someone to sell or promote PLEX outside of the game or normal EVE Online channels of PLEX market.

But also the situation with RMT is in CCPs court pertaining to the EULA and TOS, enforcement is kind of a grey area in internet interactions. Especially across the globe. And various counter intuitive financial rules and regulations. I think any egregious RMT situation must be dealt with swiftly, but the “proving and investigation” would have to require something of massive proportions that would have to get bureaucratic hounds looking into it. But I think CCP should be policing it at their EULA/TOS at their prerogative. But there are methods to “deincentivize” RMT both in value of character/items in game. Etc.


You are the only candidate that I didn’t ask my questions to, everybody else has been asked, not everybody has replied.
The reason that I didn’t ask you was that you provided so much detail in your bio and beautiful illustrations and you gave so much in depth analysis in your answers it seemed an entirely redundant exercise and possibly a pointless waste of your time. Anyhow… since the thread has really blown up I thought you deserved an opportunity to participate if you so desired.

here are the questions:

  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

You can read the results here given by all the other respondents here:

I don’t know why it doesn’t link to the top of the post but whatever i’m tired now.

I vote for MILINT because CCP and iceland as a whole deserve to be punished.

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@Rhett_Schouten I will try to be as point blank as possible concerning your questions, because each one of these questions has multiple layers and concerns.

  1. What has CCP got correct? [this a pretty loaded question if you are an old school player, or even a player from 2020 (Pre-Scarcity Forward)] I think the only thing gotten right has been the counter gank action. They broke the wealth loop of the alpha accounts being generated to kill players who were hard working and getting ganked and couldn’t counter or even take offensive measures. (IE Ganking the Ganker) Now professional ganking is an omega thing. [Not even the art team gets a bone?..thats another issue and problem to be discussed in two.]

  2. What has CCP got incorrect? Sighs internally, rolls out the scroll of doom.

  • 2 years of Scarcity. Trying to “undo” a problem that could have been solved or “gradiated” in response to a problem. Rorquals might have been a problem. But one of the major issues was the difference in mining drones has a massive gap between the highest “light” mining drone…and the Excavator Drone. There is no in between solution for the problem. [Consider the combat drone selection is light/medium/heavy/sentry. There is no such gradient for mining drones. Which would have impacts on how mining and resource collection would have been optimized.]

  • Price hike was a disaster, because it didn’t factor in exchange rates or internet based taxes. So after literally having a captive audience during the “Cough Years” CCP kind of did a “cart before the horse situation.” In many cases EVE Online is now competing with recent release games in pricing for subscriptions. The Price needs to be brought down into 18-16-14-12 price range per month.

  • Unsubscribing Protest, after all the changes with Mining and Industry. People began to de-subscribe which is starting to be felt in the game. When Industrial and Mining players unsubscribe the majority of the games mining and hauling falls on T1 non omega ships [Haulers and Ventures], that are further compromised by Omega time skill caps. I believe we are starting to feel the pain from that set of problems 2 years ago.

  • As much good the art team has added to the game, I think there needs to be a massive QA review of artwork materials. Back in 2020, I could play this game on medium settings without much problem. But in 2021 through 2023 alot of the graphical upgrades and changes have increased the lag and other issues in the game. I believe a simplification, streamlining, optimization process needs to be looked into. Why is this game not allowing one to turn on or off graphical changes? Or better yet, why wasn’t the March 2023 Graphics Patch not implemented, which by the way will allow players to run the game on high settings without much load. [For high end machines this patch is nothing, for low end machines it was like night and day.]

  • I understand that over the years due to or in spite of the CSM, CCP has misread the room or implemented things that have had long lasting negative effects on the game. I understand this game has nearly unlimited potential; but due to some of the ongoing issues and egos clashing many things that would have been beneficial have been delayed. Or, the beneficial content has been removed.

  • To be honest, there are so many different incorrect choices, many of which that are “cheered” as a beneficial change, but end up creating problem in long term. Hopefully a better consideration of ecosystem will help the player base communicate what is going on. For example, compression was for the most part okay as is, just needed some expansion in mechanics. [Ship based boosting and interaction…although the Rorqual [old one] had this benefit when sieged.] We didn’t need a major change it just needed some tweaks, and some unique mechanics like super compression and decompression so there would be more massive opportunities for the mining community. But the changes and “resetting” of the compressed ore system.

  • “EVENT CODE” there seems to be some sort of bug that is pretty hardwired into the game. I have been talking with people in game for years on the subject. When EVENTS go live, I have noticed massive upspikes in cosmic signature generation [other than EVENT materials], more anoms, and weird glitched out old event sites will spawn in locations they shouldn’t be. Notes have been taken for years on this. And it has never been fully explained or fixed. But when an event ends, the spawn rate of alot of content dips dangerously low, and things are overworked.

  1. What do you wished existed in-game that doesn’t? [Careful Inhalation]
  • Navy Carriers [and Navy/Pirate Fighters and by virtue Pirate Drones too]

  • Navy Titans [It has to be done…since we are expanding other capitols]

  • Triglavian “Clade Ships” [their Triglavian “Navy” variants.] Perun/Veles/Svarborg clade variants.

  • Unlocking the Razhnborg and Abyssal Missile weapons for capsuleers to play with. As well as other Triglavian weapon and mobile battlefield modification systems.

  • Triglavian Haulers [The Hauling Community is BAYIING TO THE ROOF ON THIS.] (Already in the Game)

  • Expansion of all the Pirate Factions to mirror Empire tech trees.

  • Daredevil needs to be swapped to a Capsuleer Angel Cartel ship. Serpentis needs to have a unique Serpentis “V” class frigate [points to any one of the Gallente T1 Frigates Pirate Tristan anyone or Atron or unique hull type?] Daredevil was originally called the Devourer for the Angel Cartel.

  • I know we are filling in the hole with the Minmatar Caldari faction. [Ironically in lore SOE follows this doctrine.] But I think another pirate faction needs to be given its moment in the sun, The EOM [End of Man} faction with its crazy Amarr ships with Hybrid Weapons and Shield Preferences.

  • Corpse Launchers, for funny things.

  • Unique modules that increase specialization and ship personalization using the sandbox to creatively make unique hulls and content concept

  • Expansion of T3 ships and technology choices.

  • Espionage and Interaction Hacking games to allow more back and forth conflict with stations and other infrastructure in nullsec, pochven, or wormhole space.

  • Non-Station requirement corporate/ doctrine fit based personalization in game. With also solo players getting the ability to use personalizations to roleplay as their faction of choice.

  • Players should have the capability to join various NPC corps of their own free will.

As I said before there is alot potential in the game. I feel many times their isn’t a full pushing the limit of what we can do in this game. There is so so much more yet to be played with.

  1. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t? I will say this thing, how does it make sense that one can track a player with 3rd Party tech which can not be detected or defended against. Yet, the locator agents in this game are criminally underused for their job, [Probably need to be moved to the Agency for more direct interaction and allowing players to find targets or general activity zones.] Ways for players to use third party systems to track players or get information on a player should not be allowed. I remember one time being contacted by a player in lowsec…hey you are on intel channels. I am like, I just randomly popped a filament from lowsec to nullsec and they knew where I was. No one was in local as well, so I was like that isn’t good for the game.

  2. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?

  • Hidden Resources. During the early days of Scarcity, it was actually kind of fun to scan down data/relic sites all over EVE Online to get resources. Even looking around missions and combat sites for some oddball goodies. Although CCP did go a bit nuclear on that, you can still find stuff here or there if you know where to look. It was kind of funny to see the shock of explorers seeing mining ships on grid. It was an interesting time to be a mining scout in that area, then CCP shut down that emergent content.

  • Hidden Loot. If you are careful and poking around (IE shoot everything.) You might find structures holding bits and pieces of interesting loot. Including Implants. The strange windfall of an overlooked structure or building in a site. And there is talk that some unique ships can access some particular items and interact with them. It has been a long term “secret” that CCP hasn’t elaborated on. And I believe any knee jerk efforts to “fix things” will have disastrously destructive effects on the lore and story, and hidden secrets of EVE that many have yet to discover.

  • Meme/ Lore/Empire/Special Edition resources. There are some unique ores in this game that you can actually harvest like Flawed Gniess and Fools Crokite. Sadly you don’t find this stuff very often in game in missions, but its a funny item to mine. Sadly it can’t be sold on the market or compressed. Also much of the Mining Mission Lore ore can’t be used for anything else and can’t be sold on market. Maybe it could be changed so you can sell it to someone who has interest in it? Empire Ores are usually tied to the old Resource Wars mining sites, sadly it can’t be used outside of the mining sites [erased out of your hold.] Special Edition ores however, are one of the weirder items in the game. Several years ago I was able during Crimson Harvest to Mine Cthoric Attar…which is a special ore that then can be refined for a special resource required for unique modules in this game. Sadly CCP seems to like to make this stuff disappear from interactions from time to time, which makes it a bit frustrating to build same said modules. {Although one particular Mining Mission item…that attracts rogue drones has my attention…too bad we can’t use for such “operations”]

  • Historical Sites in EVE Online. I know many of the old Cosmos Sites and the various fixed DEDs are still around, but I think they need updates and probably need some massive rejuvenation efforts. Recently I took another CSM hopeful on a guided tour of a site I have in my home base. This unique site is one of a kind in New Eden. And sadly I wish there were more in the game. It is a historical marker for an era of interactive gameplay that seems to have been buried in the past. The other CSM member was floored and intrigued by the site. It even drops special lore bits that have references to various locations throughtout EVE. Sadly, this site is the only one of its kind in existance. Too bad newbros can’t have such a resource or concept at their fingertips that would drive their curiousity in EVE online.

  1. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
    I know everyone was screeching about “gold ammo” booster…but they don’t know the horrors of actual “gold ammo” where every shot of the highest grade ammunition [World of Tanks] You might have given Marketing Team the perfect idea. You do not want to end up with T2 ammo with a Plex per 1000 units purchase value. The booster was relatively tame, compared to the concept EVE players were scarecrowing about. Considering for years there was a booster that still exists that gives newbros for 34 days a 20% damage/rate of fire bonus. And stacks on other cerebral acclerators for training or further enhancing the combat power of same said ships. That is my concern, is if CCP starts Plex charging for fuel, ammo usage. That will be the end of EVE.

  2. How would you improve PI? Evil Scientist Smile. There are many ways to do so.

  • The current concept of shrinking P.I. m3 didn’t factor in [ignorantly or deliberately is to be fully investigated] the issues of various other moving parts of the P.I. set up. So in shrinking the P.I. m3. Links can now move massive amounts of goods, without thought and consideration of optimizing P.I. flows like in the old days. Also P.I. now can be perfectly converted. Because the amounts going in at T0 P.I. are smaller than before, but then the T1 P.I. is smaller too. 14 day runs generate perfect 14 day conversions. And this material is necessary for larger capitol construction. [Which kind of undermines CCP attempt to contain run away Capitol Production.]

  • Also by shrinking P.I. we have also eliminated the P.I. hauler [IE Epithal] in most situations and the job can be done by BR, Cruisers, or even frigates now. This is not a well thought out ecosystem thought process.

  • Buff all the m3 of Links, Storage, Planetary HQ [you can launch cans of goods into space from there.] meaning these links become larger, and storage becomes larger. [No need to shrink the P.I. goods]

  • Buff the m3 of Planetary Interaction holds like the Epithal from [67,500m3 at Lv 5] to 67,500m3 at Lv 1. with potential 125,000+ m3 at Lv 5. And to add even more icing to the cake. Add specialized cargo hold modules. In this case a planetary interaction hold cargo expander. We can push this ship now to 250,000m3-350,000m3. This of course would mean there would be downsides to the ship in question, but also the ship itself would become used more because of that unique advantage. Again BUFF NOT SHRINK.

  • Allow players to contract P.I. to move it from POCOs [via contracted the items from the POCO itself]. This alone would make for some massive content generation by factors of magnitude. I know there are players who hate and despise hauling, but there are players who love doing it. So one could benefit or generate content this way.

  • P.I. Integration Cooperation. If you are part of an alliance or corporation, you can weave separate P.I. networks together to move or trade P.I. goods between networks. Increasing the scale and efficiency of P.I. set ups. Instead of having multiple characters that you have to tab through, why not just have them all work on one planet shifting resources between each other until they are together at a final shipping character? Seems more logical progression I would say than the clunky set ups right now.

  • P.I. PVP. Now this might be a bit of a moonshot. [all puns intended] Why can’t we aggressively interfere with another players P.I. set ups? One way, would to be using the different extractors to negatively affect the yields of a hostile players P.I. set up. In much the way a player can self-neuter their P.I. set ups by making the extractors too close to each other or overlapping. The other is well return of orbital bombardment of P.I. setups to destroy them or disrupt them requiring players to either secure the planet and the space around it. Maybe some sort of “ground raiding/sabotage party mechanic as well?” Also theft and siphoning…lets use those Mobile Siphons to steal P.I. materials. Maybe make an extractor option where you can use siphoning/stealing if you place the extractor close to a hostile extractor. So many interesting options. So conflict over P.I. sites and locations becomes a thing generated content.

  1. How would you improve the entire corporation UI? [sweats] I am not particularly fond of CCPs UI design ethos. Alot of the UI from the baseline UI to the most intricate UI interactions are so counter intiutive that any massive change literally leaves us all groping in the dark trying to figure out how to reset the UI so it works again for us. I have the unlucky issue where the UI likes to fully reset from time to time. So I am constantly having to re-juggle my preferred way of UI usage. I move notifications to the left with local on my right. The constant gerrymandering of various mechanics of the UI by the CCP Fingerpaint UI developer is getting annoying to a degree that is nearly driving me to use a scroll and compass to play this game. I have seen the corporation UI once or twice on streams, and it looks rather archaic in my perspective. But I think all the UI needs updating, and severe QoL pertaining to anything that interacts with the UI needs to be considered.

One major issue is the color of contacts/standing. its too narrow in the game. That needs to be expanded because then it allows players to contextually identify various players in the corp structure. It shouldn’t be Blue/Light Blue/Grey/Orange/Red. We need more colors to allow players to ID targets, keep track of corp members. You got a suspected Spai in your structure, put him as Yellow Standing so you can watch his activities. Got a player who doesn’t roam or follow up on pings. Give him the Pink of Shame. New Recruit you want have trained up until they get their first medal. Light Green. Maybe even different icons etc. We all know the blue/yellow/red [orange as well] skull icons. why not allow players to be icon marked. Pilot A is a tackle specialist…special icon for that guy. Pilot B is a back up FC icon for that. This guy has director or special access…icon and color scheme for that.

Organize your people in a structure system, so you can quickly sort things out. any form of corporate or military structure or one of your own could be emulated visually to help track and keep things organized. There is a huge amount of potential that could be done and help the corporations and alliances keep track of things. Colors and Symbols help people organize and structure things. So any UI needs to be quick and easy to intuitively understand and visually universalize to any player regardless of what side of the world they are on. Currently we really don’t have that.

I think this is just the tip of the iceburg. I had to kind of pare it back…but you can probably by looking at the original post even further add things in. I think you will like the P.I. concept especially the PVP side of it.