Officer spawns

So I have never seen one.
But I want to look for one, out in blood pirate space, if I would a bloodofficer would my navy omen be able to take it down? I have 80% resistances with 420 dps raw with navy gamma.

Don’t know if it will out rep me.

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It will alpha you out of existence.

If you want to find one, go look around in Stain. Goons keep killing all the Blood Raider officers in Delve.

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Check in Stain near T-UOF8 which has a clone service for when you want to go elsewhere.

Chances are NPC null seems to attract officers more than sov null. An alliance mate found Chelm Soran just two system over in an asteroid belt with 23 billion in the cargo hold.

And nope, you may be able to do it in a kiting Ishtar or a very, very bling fit Nightmare.


Oï mate !

First of all, welcome to the beautiful and rare world of officer hunting ! Because I love to explain things in the forums, I am going to admit you have very few knowledge concerning the rarest of the rarer : Officer rats.

First of all, if you do manage to find a battleship rat with a way different name compared to the others (generally followed by an escort, you can try to compare the name of the rats to see if you got the jackpot), DO NOT stay near them in a faction cruiser : you WILL die. Why, you may ask ? Because of one thing : I suppose that because you are interesting in nullsec belt ratting, you know that a rat with a bigger bounty on its head generally mean a tougher rat, both in terms of tank and DPS. Officer are, in terms of bounties, a bit below NPC dreadnaughts and titans (plus carrier for Rogue Drones). This still mean they have one of the biggest bounty allowed on a NPC.

Example : in this video, you can see that the capsuleer recording the scene met “Selynne Mardakar”, a Sansha’s Nation officer. Her head is already worth 21 millions ISK of bounty, and she is not the toughest officer of the Sansha’s Nation (more on that later) ! You can also notice she is escorted by regular battleship rats. This video is also perfect to show you how even a “lowclass” officer like Selynne can be deadly. The guy here is using the Gurista’s battleship Rattlesnake, one of the best subcapital ship for ratting. And he is even supported by a Naglfar-class Dreadnaught (althought, I do not really now if the capital ship was actually shooting the rats, or could even track them), and yet both of them have a tough time dealing with Selynne, and each of her shots on the pirate battleship are devastating (and we’re talking about the ship that can mount the biggest passive tank of every battleship).

Second good point the video showed you earlier : in the wreck left behind the officer spawn, every dropped moduel was a True Sansha one, basically, the best (outside of officer modules) you can get out of a Sansha’s Commander spawn. And you may have noticed the Estimated Value of the drop was “only” 307 millions ISK, but that is because officer’s modules are so rare, the market doesn’t have a fixed value for them.

Now, concerning how to find an Officer. You must know that those rats are rare because the place you are ratting in need to meet certain requirements to allow an Officer to spawn in the asteroids belts of said system. Those requirements are :

  • The system must be of truesec -0.7. to -1.0. If you do not know what “truesec” is, it’s simple : security ratting of a system is rounded. The true sec is the value not rounded, you can find it on Dotlan (example, the 3-DMQT system is of truesec -1.0).
  • You must be in the “home” region of the respective pirate organisation of the officer. These regions are called “NPC NullSec”, because capsuleers alliances cannot take the sovereignity away from the pirates here, and it’s also the only places in New Eden where you will find stations owned by pirates, and Mission Agents belonging to their corporations. I’ll explain what are those regions shortly.

So, now, concerning the “toughness” of an officer, or its ranking, you name it. Not all officers are born equal, and some are stronger than the others, which mean they will be harder to kill, they’ll deal more damage, but because their Modified modules will have stronger bonuses, and possess higher bounties, they will reward you even more. Those pirates are (in order of toughest > weakest) :

On a final note, I want you to understand that Officer modules represent the last step in terms of module. Those are the rare ones that can bear a Meta level going from 9 to 17 (Meta Levels) and can give truly impressive bonus, like the Estamel’s Modified Adaptive Invulnerability Field, giving a whopping +50% bonus to every shield resistance. But you’re not the only one knowing that, and this module can cost you a lot (around 40 billions). This is certainly not something you’d fit on a faction cruiser, but more likely on a supercapital if you really don’t want to lose it.

Also, please note that some officer module actually have the same stats as a deadspace version, sometime even worse. Example, a Pith B-Type Shield Boost Amplifier is identical to a Thon’s Modified Shield Boost Amplifier.


I can confirm that drone officers spawn in the malpais region.

I also can say that ive fought both Unit D-34343 and Unit P. For Unit D i used a carrier to take it down with little difficulty and Unit P was fought with a mach and a Gila.

I have heard that someone in my alliance used 2 carriers and a nyx, but that might of been overkill.


Never not overkill :smiley:

Wrong, even EVE UNI makes mistakes. Chelm’s Modified module has a meta level of 17.

Officer modules start their meta level at level 8 - 17, taken from the compare tool of a Chelm’s Modified Power Diagnostic System.

Some (but not all) modules look like this:

  • Meta level 1 - the tech 1 module and meta module for the module rebalance that stopped abruptly 6 years ago.
  • Meta level 2 - better named or meta module
  • Meta level 3 - even better named or meta module
  • Meta level 4 - best named or meta module, sometimes with a “prototype” in the name
  • Meta level 5 - the tech 2 module (always)
  • Meta level 6 - Storyline module, some of them can only drop in storyline missions and some only once per character in a COSMOS mission
  • Meta level 7 and 8 - faction module, which can drop from a commander spawn in an asteroid belt or the factions LP store
    Commander spawns are easy to spot and their names are
    Dread Guristas, domination angel, Dark Blood, True Sansha, Shadow Serpentis, Sentient (rogue drones)
  • Meta level 9 - 17 - deadspace and officer. Deadspace only drop (sometimes) in escalations (unrated DED complex) or DED rated 1 - 10 / 10 complexes and officer as said before in asteroid belts.

Ah, my bad then, I’m going to change it. Thanks for the precision !


This has been incredibly resourseful.
Thank you for the extended explination

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This is incorrect - you do not need to be in the “home” region of the pirate group - source, I’ve seen multiple officer spawns in Tenal.

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