I’ve been looking to run a fleet to look for officer rats with my hisec alliance. Where should I go and what should I bring that’s armor tank?

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Well, first you need to escape from the trap of being a High-Sec alliance.

Ask the officer rats politely to move to the Dodixie belts.

Please share

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I’m going to take a chance and answer you seriously.

  1. Pick a faction you’d like to farm. Since you specified armor tank, I recommend going with Serp, Blood Raiders or Sansha.
  2. Send out a scout in an interceptor to find a good place for your players to stage. NPC null will be best.
  3. Get ships to that station. You’ll be needing enough for everyone to have the highest-damage ships they can fly, along with everyday ratting ships. You’re going to be living out of your spot in null for as long as you care to hunt.
  4. Multiple times a day, go system to system in your chosen area, and clear all the rats you can find from the gates, belt, ore anoms, stations, etc. Be ready for pvp from the locals at any time.
  5. If you do this religiously every day, you might see one officer in a week.
  6. Be prepared to be disappointed in whatever the officer drops if you manage to kill him. They don’t always drop their phat purplez.

I already answered that, and I think the infos are still up to date. Enjoy :

I can put some officer modules in my cargo, and allow you to chase me across the universe. Gonna cost you 150 million ISK per hour, though.

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I went into guristas null today on the test server in a T2 fitted Leshak and cleared 15 or so belts in an hour. And that was just me. No PvP to contend with there though.

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