I'm back after some time, and need to earn isk

I started playing eve in 2020 June/July, but then got banned for underage. Now I am finally old enough so I got my account back and want to start anew(Yes, even this character got his name changed). I already finished SOE epic arc and did some research, but I still don’t know what I should do.

I am biw trained into a ewar focused and drone pilot because I think ewar is cool and drones are safer than other weapons. (weapon tracking disrupt at 95km) and I get to help my fleetmates and friends.

The problem is that when I play alone, I can’t find something to earn isk. I can’t run missions because no combat skills and amarr don’t have the best exploration ship either(people all like heron). and in solo, ewar is just really useless. I considered PVE with a dragoon drone boat but the dps is low.

Can anyone suggest a way for me to earn isk so I can self sustain? I only have 5M right now and want to save up for an arbitrator. Thx so much!!!

You can do good with drones and amarr.

Work your way into the amarr BC that has drones. Train armor skills. You can do up to 4s pretty easily.

One way to earn isk even with just a frigate is burner missions. They are level 4 but most of them are frigate based (you can skip the other ones) and have a good pay out. You do have to learn how to beat the different ones though.

If your at the level where your saving for an arbitrator then really the race of your exploration ship doesn’t matter. Just use what you can fly and you’ll be just fine. Heck I’ve been around a long time and never explored using a heron at all and never felt that there was an issue.

You could also learn to take from others. I know a guy that was ice mining but put up a scam sell order just for the hell of it. It took a few months but the scam order was filled and made him many times more isk then all of his mining did over that time! He’s not mining anymore.

You can start with level 1 missions and work your way up.

With the limited ISK, I would recommend scanning and hacking (especially in the WH). For this, however, you should probably get some more info about

  • in which sites are there sleepers,
  • “Rule of Six”,
  • D-Scan,
  • WH-Classes (for hacking just C1 till C3 ist interessting)
  • save spots,
  • bookmarks and maybe mapping tool

never heard of those, sounds quite unbelievable. I’ll check them out, thx!

magnate will work? but heron have 5 mid slots which is like heaven to me. amarr ships don’t even have 3 mid slots so sad.

I wonder how people will fall for these scams though? aren’t they going to be suspicious at the price or something?

I heard wormholes are rally risky though, I would easily lose my ship and all the loot? or get lost in a chain of wormholes. I also heard stories of people going in a wormhole and ending up 40 jumps away from where they came from. sounds very scary to me.

Check out abyss alpha clone day 0/1. guides (youtube is a good source. there are 3 streamers who do alpha clones and show whats possible already after getting 2m). Basically a day 1 alpha clone who does 1 career agent path (10 missions of your choice, but maybe better to do adv combat one for the destroyers) should be able to use the initial 2m to 3m from career agent to do abyss and earn at least 8 to 20 million isk per hour. In other words as long as you have 2m isk to 3m isk you can easily earn that amount back within 7 to 15 minutes (depends on ship/skills/investment).
Please note that nearly all guides these days assume you started with the free 1million sp. If you havent and your current character has never reached 1m sp total I think you may want to start another account.

Please note I have few new alpha accounts in past 2 months. My cheapest fit does abyss 0 in 9 minutes and cost 1.5 million isk (including hull). Better fits (2m to 5m range) can do abyss 0 way faster.

So, train Caldari frigate to level 1. It’ll take what, 12 minutes or something?

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isn’t race mixing for alpha character not so good? because the skill point limits?

I already have 1.4M sp rn, I think its enough? I will try the abyssal, thx!

I like the heron for breakfast, kind of a one shot pop…
Honestly, a Magnate does a good job for a start. And don’t worry about skillpoints this early, a T1 frig skill up to 4 does not need many skill points.

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