Pls help with some cheap isk making advice

Hi guys new guy here currently space poor so pls recommend cheap isk making ways. I have a corm but have trained into missiles so cant use it also some cheap and strong caracal fits if possible . Thanks! I have decent skills mostry 3 or 4 also caldari only

Mine in a Venture. You can make 20 million ISK or so per day mining in a Venture in high sec. Do that for 5 days and you’ll have 100 million ISK to start out with. You can then use that 100 million to outfit your Caracal.

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Press alt-p and warp to highsec combat anomalies. You should be able to clear anything up to “… Den” in your corm. Bounties, loot and salvage should yield 300k-2M per site

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If you have missile skills you should consider selling the cormorant and buying a corax


And as soon as you get that Caracal outfitted, do the Sisters Of EVE Epic Arc. That will get you a lot of standing with various factions and corporations, in addition to about another 20 million ISK in rewards.

Well, once you can fly a battleship, I recommend checking out incursions. WTM is newbro friendly, and you can make around 125mil/hr.

Venture mining sucks. Don’t do that. You’re much better off doing project discovery. I found I could make about 5 times from project discovery that I could mining in a venture (once I got good at it).

However, if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, I know for a fact that you can run serpentis narcotics warhouses in a kiting tristan as an alpha, so most kiting missile boats would probably work (in those and the other 3/10 deds).

Deds normally have to be scanned down. So your option are: (1) use a heron for scanning, then swap to like a caracal to run it, or (2) run hideouts (which don’t need to be scanned) until you get an escalation to run a 3/10 ded.

Loot can vary between 5-60 mil per 3/10 depending on RNJesus.

Do a google search for fits.

Cool any good fits for it?

Lol i did it already

Okay but Google fits are really old if u could help it would be great

Okay, I’ll throw a few together.

Buy yourself a month omega gametime from the CCP games site. Buy yourself a Plex from the CCP Games site (or one of their few authorized sellers such as or markeedragon games - unauthorized “gold sellers” might be cheaper, but you might get your account hacked or messed with dealing with some unauthorized ISK dealer. Plus buying from “gold sellers” is bad for the game overall.) and sell it on the market ingame.

Then you’ll have plenty of ISK for quite a while to start with and you also won’t fall into the trap of grinding frantically to afford a Plex to activate for a month’s gametime so you can grind frantically for the next month’s Plex.

Do all the good suggestions above because you want to check them out, not because you need ISK.

Do all the career agents to check them out.

Consider joining a corp.

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Dude check out this video by Dad Dex. It’s recent and in-depth. He talks about fit skills and running sites (with video). If you run into fitting problems, and don’t know how to fix them, let me know. But that shouldn’t be a problem as he was working on a 1.6mil SP toon.

Thanks but a teen here so no monies lol

Thanks alot bud! Am in horde btw

A Venture load of lowsec gas will get u up to 50 million in less than hour

Yeah, that guy looks pretty good. Has a lot of videos for different ships and sites.

Also, Horde has an abyss guide somewhere on their forums and will occasionally have abyss caretaker fleets. So, keep an eye out for pings if that seems like something you’d be interested in.

They should probably have a ratting guide. Ratting is rather boring, but it’s also a low stress/low attention activity you can do while watching youtube or whatnot. You biggest threat with that is other players. So try to find a quiet system, and join standing fleet, voice comms, and keep an eye on local and the intel channel. It may seem like a lot to keep track of at first, but it will eventually become an automatic task (like drivers hypnosis). You’ll be able to do it without even thinking about it, and your attention will only snap back to it when there’s a problem that requires more cognitive resources.

Completely Useless Tangent
And on a side note, I was once driving to my dad’s house at night within my first couple of weeks playing Eve. As I was driving, I started thinking about Eve, and just got completely lost into it. Suddenly, my attention snapped back to my driving because I realized I didn’t know where I was. I was like crap, I must have missed my exit to get onto the last highway I needed to take. So, I decided to make a U-turn, and that’s when I saw a sign for the highway. I was already on the last highway I needed to take, and had passed the exit for the street I needed to take.

Thought you were gonna say something like: “Then some other cars suddenly rammed me off the road…I leaped out of the smoking wreckage and ran at full speed so they couldn’t pod me.” Obviously you are not a true eve player. :wink:


Lol same here

Hey thanks alot! I do have a little capital so got a caracal fitted for abyss but I guess I’m making a little loss doing doing T1 sites any recommendations for T2? Abyssal T2 I mean

Also hordes null has just drones out there it’s no fun killing them no drops to rejoice about meh