Numbers of destroyed ships?

I was asking in corp chat about ongoing demand for veldspar. Someone said demand is high because of the large number of ships being destroyed in the endless wars in null.

Is there any way to find out what is going on in null in terms of wars in progress and numbers of ships being destroyed? I’m just curious, because I spend all of my time mining in hi-sec and producing frigates for sale. I have no intention of ever again going to null, but I wonder sometimes what happens to the ore and frigates I sell.

You can look on zkillboard and look up the kills that way

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r/eve is the best place to keep up on the war progress and propoganda

It’s currently in private mode, but should be back to normal soon

I have never used zkillboard or reddit. I will try to figure them out.

But really, since this is the official Eve forum, shouldn’t information like that be available here? I wonder why we need to go to third party websites for information about Eve, and why so many people use third party software like Discord. I like to just play the game that is in front of me.

There is some Eve pricing website that I use, only because that is what my main character’s corp uses for ore buyback contracts. If it wasn’t such a fun corp to be in, I would not bother. I would just sell my ore at slightly less than the regional average and be done with it.

because it’s a very bad idea from a dev point.
You are multiplying your fields so multiplying your dependencies on technologies, on people, and the amount of bugs.

Players and devs sitting in a tree
Keep It Simple Stupid. KISS principle - Wikipedia

Why should the information about ship destruction be available in a place that is meant for discussion about the game?

The information about killed ships is available ingame and CCP enabled players to export this information to other places to allow you to gather your own info. Some players thought it would be easier to let everyone gather all that info about lost ships more easily in one place and that resulted in creation of tools like zkillboard.

Now either you get all that data yourself, or make use of the tools that other players created to make this info much more accessible.

Zkillboard is a fantastic tool to gather information, learn to make use of it! :wink:

A couple of things you can do with it:

  • see your fighting history
  • check what is happening in a certain system
  • find inspiration for ship fits
  • gather information about what someone likes to fly, what ship fits they use, when they are generally active during the day and who they fly with
  • check how a certain ship generally dies in a certain area of the game and against what types of enemies
  • find titans that jumped to beacons
  • and much, much more

So they release this kind of information in the financial report, which came out today for last month. Click on your Icon, New Topic: Monthly Economic report. I don’t know if they break it all the way down to hulls anymore. Last time I remember a specific individual hull in those reports, it was the Drake. Drake was king by a lot and hurricane was 2nd. I didn’t look for a hull breakdown in this report But the destruction vs construction is there.

You hit the nail on the head. There are a few reasons for this but CCP being incompetent is the primary factor. For instance I recently submitted a support ticket asking for reimbursement for a ship that I feel was lost in poor fashion. Without going into the whole ordeal I was told by a GM that I should refer to 3rd party tools and websites that aren’t officially supported in order to safely fly through New Eden.

Imagine having a game with great potential that lots of people WANT to enjoy, yet you piss it away with incompetence.

Or the Scrooge McDuck approach - why pay employees to provide services when the community pays for and provides them instead?

More like, why pay infinite money to handle all the wishes of the community when I can provide them the tools to build each of them.

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That’s fine, but the developers expectation for how players interact with and play their game SHOULDNT hinge upon what 3rd party tools the players have developed… especially if CCP won’t endorse or support those 3rd party tools.

It would be nice if a section of the forum was devoted to things like:

“News Item: The war between Corp A and Corp B entered its second week, with Corp A losing 21 ships [breakdown of losses] and Corp B losing 35 ships [breakdown of losses].”

Or even just a forum entry: “231 ships were destroyed in [region] in the last 7 days, including [breakdown of ship types].”

Someone said the game provides information about ship destruction, but the only thing I’m aware of is the New Eden map, which has a filter that lets you see the number of ships destroyed in each system in the last hour or day or whatever it is. There’s no information on ship type, and I don’t think it specifies how many ships were destroyed by other players.

Third party tools are too much trouble to bother with, at least for me. My RL is complicated enough. I just play the game that is in front of me. I’m sure as heck not going to install Discord, because I have zero interest in talking to strangers over the internet. If game chat isn’t enough, then I’m not going to bother.

And I see no reason to bother with zkillboard or whatever it’s called. I’m not a pvp player, and I just don’t care who has destroyed who and wants to brag about it. I’m just a miner/industrialist who is curious about what is happening to the ore and ships he produces.

3rd party tools by definitions are not handled by CCP or the user.


okay so either the CCP abide to all your wishes or the game is not for you.

Bye then.

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Zkillboard isn’t for pvpers, it’s for miners/industrialists too.

  1. You can see what types of ships and which players destroy the miners in your region to be more informed about the dangers you face as miner
  2. You can check fits of mining ships and hauling ships for inspiration to improve your own miner or industry ships.
  3. You can see which ships are often flown and destroyed, which is information for you as industrialist on what to build
  4. And much much more

I mean, you don’t have to use zkillboard to play the game. But it’s a big source of useful information you could use, no matter your playstyle.

An example: just a few minutes ago I noticed a chat in my corp, talking about a guy that regularly camps the entrance to the new region we have just moved in. I may want to haul in or out some stuff in the future, so I decide to look up this guy on zkillboard to see how he operates and what kinds of targets he can kill. Zkillboard tells me his ships, his associates, the usual systems he camps, at what day of the time he camps them and what kinds of ships I should not use to travel through that part of space. This is incredibly helpful and probably saves me an expensive ship death.

Of course it is possible to ignore zkillboard and learn the hard way that certain ships won’t make it through, but I like using the information that is available to me.


Fair enough. I thank you for your thoughtful reply. Safe flying to you!

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