Certified Snuggly: My Experience as a "High-Sec Care Bear"

I’ve played EVE Online on and off for a little over 8 years. In that time I have lost 29 ships, totaling more than 15 billion isk. (For those who attacked me, you’re welcome…lol) Here is a link to my zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/91582124/

As you can plainly see, I am what you would call “Certified Snuggly.” Others might label me a “High-Sec Care Bear”. I’m fine with either. The real question some might ask is how and why do I keep losing ships. Expensive ships too! Some to others players, but others to the NPCs in game. In fact, in January of this year, after about a two year hiatus from the game. I came back to it and immediately took my Golem out to do a mission. Low and behold I forgot how to fly it. Imagine my horror as I confused the MWD with the MJD, accidentally activated the bastion module, turned on the shield booster all at the same time, ran out of cap, and very quickly found myself sitting in my pod wondering what the hell just happened. It was a 2.5 billion isk loss.

All I could was laugh out loud. Like serious laughter. My wife came in and asked what the heck I was laughing at. I was dying. How stupid was that? So dumb I gave myself a great laugh. And such is the experience with most things in Eve. It’s just fun, no matter what happens.

I went straight to Jita, pulled up the kill mail, and bought the exact same ship. Took it out, practiced with it a bit and then went right back to the mission. Obviously, I was able to annihilate the NPCs this time. (After all, no mission can stop a Golem, as long as you know how to fly it).

What about the other ships? I’ve lost a couple Tengu, a few Ravens, and many other types of ships in between, all to PVP in low sec and wormhole space. I even lost one in high-sec when I joined a corp and put my Raven on auto-pilot during a war! LOL How stupid is that??

Through it all, there I one reason why I keep playing, why I keep flying expensive ships into low sec and wormhole space, why I do exploration, planetary interaction, missions, and manufacturing in high sec, one reason why I keep coming back to Eve again and again: It’s fun. Plain and simple.

I hear people complaining about the PvP and being ganked, complaining about being scammed, complaining about this and that and the other, but to me those are things that make the game so interesting. The danger lurking at every Stargate, in every star system, including high-sec, makes the game so much better. Eve is the best game ever and I will continue to lose ships if that’s what it takes to enjoy the game.

FYI - I am learning PVP, after 8 long years of avoiding it. I intend to learn it as well as I have learned everything else in Eve, and I have the time and money to invest in it. So beware! Certified Snuggly is coming to low-sec system near you for practice…and maybe a little revenge >:)

(Any pointers are welcomed and corps looking for an aspiring PvP pilot are encouraged to reach out)


you have a wife , sou you are a winner :smiley: GZ
learn to pvp scrub


I’m much in the same boat as you, I really only got in to PVP this year. There’s nothing quite like the rush of getting your first kill, even though in my case I was cloaky camping a lowsec relic site.

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I just got my first solo kill a few months ago and I agree, it was a rush. I didn’t stick with it though and came back to high sec, where it is “safe.” I’m gearing up now to go back into low sec and try again. This time I plan to lose as many ships as possible to learn.

Start small, and cheap - learn mechanics, re-learn mechanics, develop an encyclopedic knowledge of EVE rock-paper-scissors (what counters what) - develop a mental library of fits and builds for every ship type and combination…

Or don’t care and have fun (but still start small and cheap - rinse and repeat).

Edit: Ship are ammo, consider them spent when you undock.



As the sage adage says take 50 frigates to losec, get home in your pod if you can manage it; always ask questions of your opponents.

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That’s good advice. I imagine most pilots are willing to talk over a fight afterwards. Never really thought about doing that. Was mostly just trying to survive and or get the hell out of there afterwards.

Do higher missions in a frigate to develop your piloting skills as an alliance mate said to another alliance mate today.

What I did to get rid of my rust from not playing for a while was find a system with a Blood Raiders FOB’s, I used a Wolf assault frigate for this, which was set with high resists for Blood Raiders. I would then warp in at 100 km from the mining fleet then align to a safe and put the MWD on. The mining fleet would warp out and in would come the response fleet. These things are tough, your objective is to work out to kill as many as them as possible and they are better than many players. Especially as they can warp to you at will. You will develop skills from doing this that will help in PvP.

Then do the 50 friagtes to lowsec.

Wow, not a bad idea. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

just buy 20 frigs and join faction warfare in low sec
its a cliche in eve , buy 20 frigs/destroyers and loose them
but thats the way , rly

ill give you an example
wen im eating pizza nowadays sometimes i dip the crust in red wine and eat it
you may think , you poser you just do this because you saw they doing it in the irishman
and you will be right
but also because its delicious

cruisers are expensive and you need more experience ,don’t do cruisers , do frig and dessy but something like this , put your medical clone in the base for fast reship /pod express
and have a DST to haul hulls helps a lot

free wisdom because im am a super cool guy
1 dst transporta aprox 21 frigs with fit , 11 dessys wit fit . 6 cruisers with fit
pvp useful ranges are ,0± brawler , 10± scram kitter , 20± kitter ( this cam change a lil because now we have some super OP points that can get you from 30 km etc but its not usual )

You have tons of isk? Use it to get fights, not win them. Don’t fly that capsule back to Jita. Bring a bunch of different t1 frigates, fitted various ways near and/or into lowsec. Maximize them to your skillset in Pyfa. Do some zany fittings. Some cheap ones. Some “solid” fits. Try the Heron, and realize why it’s amazing. Bring some mild refits along. A cheap rail 2xweb merlin, w/ armor repper for 1mil will absolutely cheese some ships (including faction.)

Go for counters. Force people to fight in your favorable range. Get them up against that one ewar module you have, that ruins their fit—and use it optimally. Learn how to fight and beat multiples of enemies, or simply how to avoid getting ganged up on.

Learn how to use your heat to the max, and stop it before it can possibly burn out mods. Most modules are worth overheating on the regular. (An overheated web reaches out to 13k. Less than expected on a kiting ship with a disruptor, etc)

Don’t go for “lose 100 t1 frigates” … just get into as many fights as possible that you MIGHT win. You’ll learn quickly. A lot of unfavorable matches look a lot better if you have choice of range. Or swap a module in.

No one actually cares what your killboard looks like, and: Most people with super green killboards get that way by being risk averse, massively outnumbering people, or doing plainly boring crap.

If you really want to, stash a bunch of frigates everywhere. Seriously. Or even a refit. Some ships are easier to refit. But basically: If there’s someone around you can’t fight, no one’s stopping you from jumping into a counter. It can be really evil. Especially if you’re coming at them with the same hull, and swapped to/from \ brawling/kiting

Lots to learn. Lots to do. Not every player uses the same information to play, but if you’re good, tactical, and also willing to YOLO - all that scrap metal will make you awesome. :^)

Oh!!! Also: I never joined Faction Warfare. No allies = more targets, and more challenges. The security losses aren’t that bad unless you are podding “innocents” that have not fought back. Worst case scenario is you can buy tags to hand in. Lotta people probably wouldn’t need to do that.

Why do people do lvl4’s in marauders?

I guess the better question is: Why not? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for the well thought out response. I appreciate your insight.

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Vast overspending and power level for requirements that are greatly under the bar.
You can breeze lvl4’s in a cheap 300M Domi fit. You make about 30~50M isk an hour (assuming proper loyalty point spending). There is just no reason to spend 2.5~4 BILLION ISK for just that. The money would be so, so much better spent towards other things…

Maybe I’m missing the point.

No no. Very good points. I use my Golem for a few reasons:

  1. I love to fly it. It’s a beast of a machine. The isk I spent was well worth it. It isn’t blingy fit either (I learned my lesson on that)
  2. I can mop up level 4’s with ease, including looting and salvaging without having go back for a salvage vessel. I can fit a tractor beam, a salvager, and hold 5 salvaging drones. It makes for quick work.
  3. As soon as I land in a pocket I throw out a Mobile Tractor Unit. Then, I jump 100km and drop a second one. Now, I can snipe targets and gather wrecks at twice the speed.
  4. I have a bastion module that pretty much allows me to stay in one spot and just raw dog the NPCs. No kiting around.

Those are just some of the reasons. Mainly though, I love to fly it.

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She’s a lovely boat, but Paladin has leather seats and aircon.


I do level 4’s in two Paladins for that reason, both are T2 fit.

This advice is very good:

no its not

OFC you can ride a wolf or other t2 and choose battles , but them your enemy will not want to engage you, just kiki all day an you will see
you will make one pew pew a day

super polite edit