How can i just play the PVE side of the game?

I really love the look and feel and PVE side of EVE online, but i can’t find any guide on how to avoid PvP and enjoy the “Space SIM” side as solo player.

I have tried most of singleplayer space games, but i fell in love with EvE’s world and sounds, but any tips on how to enjoy the safe PVE side of EvE and specifically in High Sec, i have no interest in any other space.

How do you other veterans and long time players enjoy the aspect of eve PVE in High Sec?

This is the only topic i seek help in this QA section, i don’t want to talk any PVP aspect of EvE in this thread, and i don’t want to talk about why PVE is bad in EVE i have made up my mind, i want to PVE in High sec and play the single player game here in EVE online as omega.

I only want tips on how to stay safe avoiding PvP while i do the exellent PVE activities EvE Online offers solo.

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I got you covered young blood !

Just like yourself i too love the PVE side of things, there is plenty of things to do, firstly ill give you this writing i use as my backbone for safe operations in High Sec:

I too, hate PVP. I still play EVE, though, due to loving sci-fi and spaceships in particular. I too, though, want a PVE-only experience in EVE.

Here are the rules I have learned to follow to avoid PVP:

(1) Avoid PVP-oriented areas: stay in highsec.

Lowsec/Nullsec revolve around PVP 24/7. Therefore, if you want to be PVE-only, you have to treat lowsec/nullsec as if they don’t exist. No exceptions. “Rewards” (often scams) do not matter. Even risk/reward does not matter. You’re PVE-only. Low/null do not exist for you. No exceptions, ever.

(2) Avoid wardecs (and taxes): start your own one-man corporation.

This both shields you from wardecs, and avoids the up to 10% tax charged by being in someone else’s corp (including NPC corps, which tax at 10% of your income from missions, the primary PVE activity). As a side bonus, it makes you less visible (which is what you want, as PVP players tend to consider PVE players as nothing more than prey/food). If you do get wardeced anyway, drop to an NPC corp for a little while, then reform your corp with a new name. This costs the wardeccing corp at least 10x more than it costs you to delete and reform your corp. Thus, only someone who absolutely hates your guts is going to continue to wardec you after you pull this trick once.

(3) Avoid suicide ganking: don’t fly ships with expensive modules

People suicide gank you for two reasons: to steal your modules, or just for fun. If you avoid having expensive faction/deadspace/officer modules, it isn’t profitable to suicide gank you in highsec.

(4) Avoid talking to people: most EVE players are not friendly to PVE players

Many PVP players consider PVE players nothing more than easy targets. Food. Prey. Some will attack you simply because they hate the idea of people doing PVE in the game. Don’t tell anyone that you are a PVE player. Don’t talk in local or chat channels. In general, don’t talk to anyone at all. Treat EVE like a single-player game. Other people don’t exist for you in-game. By all means get your info from the web, but never talk to anyone in-game, and if you must talk to people on forums, ALWAYS use a disposable forum alt character to do so. No matter how much they bait you, never post with your main or reveal their identity. Their words cannot hurt you, but their missiles sure can. Given the ratio of merciless PVP players to nice PVE folks, speaking up (aka: making yourself interesting, and therefore a target) is NEVER worthwhile. Example: Once, saying I only play eve for the PVE got me added to someone’s kill-on-sight list, even though I said it in a chat channel dedicated to PVE play.

(5) Avoid being near people: use the starmap to find less-populated systems

Even showing up on someone’s overview can make you a target. Make it a goal to live in a system with level-appropriate agents, and very few human players.

(6) If you must interact with people: run incursions

Incursions are high-end PVE content. They can be lucrative, e.g: 50m ISK per hour. And, unless you’re filthy rich in EVE, you won’t have the most valuable ship in the incursion fleet you join, hence you won’t have much to lose (relatively) by joining them. The downside is that such fleets often have approved lists for ship fittings - if you can’t fit exactly what they’re asking for, you can’t join. So, training up, buying the right ships/fittings/etc, can take awhile.

(7) Avoid being targeted/scanned: move quickly

Don’t autopilot if you can avoid it, especially in 0.5 sec systems that border lowsec ones.

(8) Read around

Almost all PVE risks (and ways to get unexpectedly PVPed) are well documented. Know how they work, so in the event of an emergency, you know what to do. You don’t want to take the risk of undocking with an active wardec, no matter how unlikely it seems they’ll be waiting for you. Because, knowing EVE, they probably are.

(9) Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to replace

I must admit I’ve violated this rule myself at times, but by doing so, I’ve come very close to losing everything I owned in EVE! I only escaped that fate by being lucky. You might not be so lucky. So, don’t fly any ship you can’t afford to replace.

(10) Insure your ships

Sometimes insurance is worth it. Sometimes, it isn’t. Still, in general, especially when you’re about to do something risky (like run a new class of mission) you should opt for more insurance.

All of the above rules were born out of actual mistakes I have made as a PVE player, and what I have learned from them. It can be lonely playing EVE as a PVE player, due to the inability to interact with other people.

Still, EVE is a very predatory world. By playing a PVE player, many people will automatically classify you as prey. So, it can help to adopt some of the strategies that real prey use to avoid being hunted, such as:

be almost impossible to notice (hide away & keep quiet)

once noticed, be "not worth the effort" (be a hedgehog, not a pig)

once attacked, evade, rather than fight (birds don't fight cats on the ground, they just fly away)

don't risk anything you can't afford to lose (if you can't replace it, don't use it)

Now that covers the basics, please ask away if you need specific help on the activities : Mining, PI, Exploring, Industry and doing different missions in High Sec ! Aaan remember to google the 8 rules of EvE, Good luck youngblood! Stay high stay safe!


You cannot avoid pvp in this game.

I understand that, and its fine , but i want to minimize it and maximize PVE.

Thanks !!

This is exactly what i was looking for.

Do you have any guide for security missions and mining ? What would be a good starter ship for LVL 2 missions?

Some of the points you made are accurate but others are just plain wrong or outdated.

This is no longer necessary, as long as your corporation does not own any structures, it can not be war decced at all.

This is blatantly false, a more correct answer would be: “Most EVE players are not friendly to entiltled, whiny, and anti-social PVE players.”

I’m a primary PVE player, have been my whole EVE career, just now experimenting with PVP on my alts, and I’ve been posting with my main way back since the old forums. I’ve never once been targeted in game for anything I ever said on the forums.

EVE is not a single player game and never will be, even if you want to be a strictly PVE player, you cut yourself off from so much fun and enjoyment by playing completely alone and being anti-social.


I would go for Amarr (Lasers&drones) or Gallente (Railguns/blasters , drones) . I went for drones since they dont have to restocked like missiles or ammo , so if you dont loose them they can work for free for you for a long while.

I started with Algos (Gallente ship).

You can send me a PM in game and i can give you more pointers too.

Check it out :

EvE is what WE make it, it can be a PVE game too, i myself enjoy the lonely stars and realxing PVE the most.

Remember you are the one paying for account so do what you personally have most fun with. You will have access to all the chats you need and public channels if you want to have a nice banter, no need for ORG there.

OP can always change his mind and join an PVE ORG if he chooses to, or remain solo and have fun with that, you choose OP !

Thanks for ideas, but im minmatar race, can they fly Galente ships too? Are minmatar weaker ships?

Don’t be afraid of losing ships. It’s a nuisance, but not a catastrophe - and sometimes it’s even a victory if your ship is cheaper than the concordokked attacking ship.

EVE without PvP is impossible, but avoiding conflict is possible. But you have to learn how to handle gatecamps, travel safe, read signs etc, and this works by losing ships from time to time.

And after some years, you can achieve goals like this: "EVE Online Player Smashes Guinness World Record for Fully Exploring The Game’s Star Systems" - Games Press

And don’t underestimate PvE either :wink: PSA: Triglavian Invasion in New Player Hub - INN

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I thought High Sec didnt have gate camps ?

WOW , now this seems interesting i need to be careful around Triglyanians. :slight_smile:

Highsec doesn’t have classical gatecamps indeed.
But some gates on the way to Jita are camped by suicide squads picking and attacking juicy Haulers and Industrials. They know exactly how long CONCORD needs to react and if the prey is worth the hassle. Of course they lose their ships, too, there’s no escape from CONCORD. But a third party hauler soon will loot the wrecks.

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Note to self: Avoid Jita :smiley:

Good tips to stay alive, thanks to you too !

They are not weaker, but they dont specialise in drones like Amarr+Galente and i just dig the drones.

They can be just as effective, the starting race doesent matter you can fly any factions ship when you skill for it.

You can just google most of this stuff and read EvE wikis too they are usually up to date.

Stay high !

WHOOOA ! Baby cranky wanky :wink:

It seems we all must be social , like being gang ganked , F1 monkiis and be happy about every aspect of the game , those are not realistic expectations…

You are perfectly safe in HS unless you do something outrageously stupid. And if you want some real guidance go to youtube, it is a lot more helpful that the forum.

Login stay in the station and spin the ship, that way you avoid PVP of any kind

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Or just follow my guide and let these misrable scum get bored in the empty gatecamps, keep doing you OP you have our support ! You are not alone PVEVE 4 EVER !

Join the movement!

Fyi, i dont engage in pvp, i help raise standings for folks. I avoid pvp. But i also know i cant ignore it or pretend it cant happen. Any meaningful impact in eve whether pve or pvp affects other players.

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Thank you.

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