When and what was your first pvp encounter? And did you die horribly?

I’ll always remember my first time.

I had started only weeks before, had gotten a friend to start as well. We were on a ship/skillbook buying spree.

Being total noobs flying around Minmatar space, we set out to the closest hub: Rens
There I bought an executioner for quickly moving around while my friend bought a Ferox battlecruiser (that was before I turned into a pile of awesome).

Then came.the skillbooks…
Absolutely knowing nothing about the systems around, I decide that we should go to the closer "library"
Turns out, Amamake is the closest >_>
I tell my friend to go, since I’ll catch up easily.
I then hear the panic in his voice, he got tackled on the gate, by Vegas Mirage.

So I put it into overdrive, jump into system.
As I jump in, my friend pretty much pops to Vegas’ Daredevil (or Dramiel, I’ll have to look). While he finishes up on my pal, I agressed thinking I’ll be able to kill him… Oh how I was wrong.

I got smashed in a matter of seconds, but luckily I managed to escape in my then-empty pod.

It was a valuable lesson, and it gave me enough motivation to eventually try to do pvp.
As for my friend, well he quit because he didn’t want to risk his ships in pvp “because he wasn’t good enough” even tho he never tried…

Tl;Dr bought books in the wrong neighborhood, got smashed :smiley:


In my first week playing, I fell for a suspect baiter one jump from the starter system. I was clueless, but the loss encouraged me to dig into all the fine EvE mechanics …

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my first PvP encounter was in a WH… in a very very poorly fitted Magnate… before i knew i didnt need rig skills to fit rigs… and magnates dont make good gas huffers, and that you totally dont need salvagers on solo ships that cant kill anything(including rats)… and before i knew what a tank was… good times…
at the very least it was cheap! :smiley:

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My first death was maybe a month or two into the game. This was way back in '03 and it had taken me that long to save isk for my very first stabber. Back then I was still naive, even though my first CEO had already robbed me of my first million isk.
I was flying around in the ■■■■ fit of a noon when two nice pilots asked if I wanted to go a few systems over and kills some tough rats at a static site. I jumped all over it hoping to get some experience and isk. As soon as I got on grid they scammed me and destroyed me. Turned out it was a deadend low sec system.
Worst part was the 20+ jumps to get from where my clone was to where my HQ was, and of course the month it took to earn back that cruiser.

At something like 2-3 days old, I got my Magnate and was playing around with the probe scanner a few jumps from Amarr. I found a wormhole, so I went to have a look.

I went in, scanned down a data site, got about 2/3 of the way through the cans, and… an Astero showed up and decided it wanted to kill me, and my little pod too!

A quick walk through my early loss mails:

Some real life friends and I started playing Eve together and made our own corp. We discovered wormholes a few months in. Our first daytrip saw us mining Arkonor in retrievers with a bestower hauling for hours without incident. It was more isk than we’d ever made and we were hooked on w-space. Then one day a member of The Tuskers caught me out in a grav site and showed me the consequence of not watching dscan more closely. That led to a string of losses in wormholes as I learned the fine art of not dying out there.

A couple months later we had our first wardec. I lost a magnate. A while after that a can flipper showed up to a mining op, and I lost a bestower on my THIRD trip to recover some of the flipped ore. I’d gotten used to losing stuff by then and was practicing pulling out of the can just as I got to warp. It didn’t work the third time I tried it. Those guys wardecced us and I thought I’d be clever and run 20 jumps away from “home”. That’s how I learned what locator agents do.

I took several losses in my first efforts at lowsec combat and exploration. I was making good isk doing highsec exploration and wormhole daytripping, and I was throwing it away taking disposable stuff into dangerous places to have a look around.

My friends played less and less, and we had one last wardec. This was the first war I decided to stand and fight. I built a Pilgrim, played some baiting games, and died gloriously. Two months after that, I was in the Skunkworks, fighting in wars of our choosing.


My first time being shot was maybe my 3rd day I was I was can mining in a navitas when it was the mining frig with 100m3 of cargo, ugh.

Itaron V picked up my can and said I’m sorry, here’s your can back. Blam, I was scram and webbed, got away in my pod. Come back in a atron, but couldn’t find him.

Second was more like almost pvp. Day 8, I was doing distribution missions and it sent me to low sec in a Itaron 1, and I landed on station and a hurricane was outside. Went in and out in just a second. The hurricane was aligning and warping to catch me at the gate. He landed on gate almost a full second before me. I jumped as he was locking onto me.

I lost an Omen in Avair. I’d been farming the belts for weeks without incident, then suddenly Pilgrim.

I was like “fire you f*ckers!” as my cap bottomed out and the Pilgrim’s drones began their slow but sure dance of death.

I’d been ratting there mostly to gaze in awe at the Nightmare skinned NPC rats (plus they were worth a buck or two) and clearly getting complacent. Like any other newb I was pretty cocky iirc. The dude that killed me was pretty cool, but I have to admit I wasn’t. The vacuum was blue and I clearly recall throwing my mouse across the desk and generally having a bit of a tantrum.

I did write to the guy later that week and apologised for calling his heritage into question. He was nice about it and offered me a place in his corp, but as I’d started playing with irl friends it wasn’t happening. I wish I’d taken him up on his offer now. I might actually be able to pvp.


While “innocently cruising the belts” in my epic Caldari fail-fit Condor, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down, one of the fine fellows in Wrecking Shots volleyed me with his Harpy class Assault Frigate. Undeterred by this insta-blapping, I warped off to get my “combat-fit” Merlin class frigate of DEATH. The results of the 2nd encounter were just as predictable.

A few short months later, I learned the joys of can-flipping and killing mission bears. I’ve been hunting PVE ships pretty much since then.


Well, not counting the time I ran into LS to pick up some (now suspecious) low priced drones and was followed through 4 systems with a fellow flashing red on my overview, was the time I lost my first Myrmidon in a mission. I was sent through a low sec system to deliver critically needed medical supplies to stop an outbreak and I thought “who would attack a ship carrying medical supplies and on a mission of mercy?”. Turns out just nearly anyone…and,yes, drinking was involved :no_mouth:


After my first 2 experiences. Me and a bud were battling the space rock menace in our shiny me exhumers. A tengu landed on grid, I warped out but he tried to talk to it on localfor 30 seconds. The guy was just pasting chat error, and then blasted him. I I laughed at him and I laughed at the tengu for Concord’dokened for a mining ship.

mine always makes me laugh and reminds me the one lesson every noob learns , 1 ) don’t fly what you cant afford to lose, and 2 ) they can always up ship and kill you.

I was no more than a couple months into playing, id enlisted straight away for fw in amarr space, id lost my frigate , and bein the new player it was a cruiser gang with logi, and ecm, and I had just baught myself a harbinger, the best of the best, it could blow up rats in two shots.

took it to gate, jumped in, and got blapped off the field before I could even lock on to any one due to ecm.

safe to say this noob was salty, I remember trash talking in local before I de-cloaked, and said something like ‘lets see how you deal with this’

I rememeber the laughs echoing through local, and people in my corp were just like, well you have to learn the hard way in eve!


Being new in the game, i lost my Vexor so fast at a gate camp it was just a flash. Thereafter i lost a Mehathron and a Iteron V. I also lost a Noctus, For the pasr month only being on line 4 months in total. I have not lost a single ship. Right im trying to get my Vindicator to T3 and then T4 even though everybody say T5 is a waistebim going T5 too.

First encounter. Made a mistake of buying a skillbook in Egghelende. Oops.

Actually got away with it. I was locked up at shot at, but didn’t return fire and so was able to dock in my destroyer.

Second encounter.

I had a mindset of ‘must grind SP and ISK before I can PVP’, imported from my history in other games. I hadn’t yet met CODE, who I would soon get involved with and who would teach me how wrong this mindset was.

Anyway, I felt ready for PVP but underconfident to run a gatecamp, so I fit a failfit battlecruiser and probed down a wormhole. I started running PVE sites fully expecting to lose my battlecruiser, which eventually I did. I counted it a victory that I got my pod out.

Kills would come later, as would my first experience FCing a small gang.

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This made me curious to see what it was. I don’t remember it at all but it was oh so terrible. Looking at this made me cringe, wasn’t complete PVP (had some help from a rat) but it happened. This was back when I did fly things I couldn’t afford to lose.

Yes! I do! Been banging my head, now it popped up!

I was mining in a coercer! Yes, a coercer! i was gallente, but i’ve researched the best destroyer for what i wanted to do, and the coercer was it! It took me at least an hour to EFT the fitting that allows me to put as many mining lasers on it as possible. it was a beauty of processors and … and… i forgot, E-cl mining lasers, or something? they had the lowest amount of CPU usage. I was so proud of myself, finally being able to upgrade from a frigate! (which i didn’t mine with at all, my precious Tristan)

So i sat at the belt … and mined. Mined, mined, mioh i’m full! Damn, warping back and forth is tedious, i’ll just drop a can, and use my iteron (my actually first ship) to haul it over to the station.

Some ten minutes in, some random guy came close. i was watching him sitting around my can, wondering if he’ll and boom, he took my stuff!

“Oh no you don’t”, i thought, typing “HEY, GIVE IT BACK” in local. He didn’t comply, so i wanted to teach him a lesson, warped to the station and picked up my Tristan. Back at the belt he was 20ish km off and i started engaging him, as fast as i could so he wouldn’t warp away and zoomed towards him at around 1km per second, thanks to my afterburner. Suddenly he decided the same, went head on towards me and five seconds later my ship exploded. Kaboom.

I don’t remember much else of this event, but i remember that i was angry. So angry at him. And this, together with the moment when i sat at a gate to lowsec, taking a toilet break to calm down my quickly pumping heart, were the moments that made me love this game.

I think I had this Mackinaw for a few hours… Was afk mining, went to the washroom and came back to see my months of work exploding in front of my eyes. Infuriating to lose all I had been working towards, but it was also really liberating. I took the loss in stride and found that there was more to this game than just grinding for isk in Highsec.


The beautiful moment when you go from carebear to killer.

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I tried to bait some of those dirty Somali Coastguard Pirates…

I was mining in some kind of garbage-fit blackbird and I had a corp mate in a drake to back me up. I imagined I had set a spectacular trap.

I died and got my corp mate killed. It all happened so fast I couldn’t even explain how it all worked out afterwards.

I remember feeling sick. I was upset. I wanted to kill those guys badly… but holy crap I can still remember it clearly all these years later.

Fast forward and that’s how I got into PvP… trying to kill those guys.


My first pvp encounter was back in 07 or 08. I was brand new to the game. Less than a week old on a trial account. I was mining in my probe? Or maybe it was a burst. Whatever the minmatar mining frigate was back then. I was still in one of the rookie systems I think. Or possibly one or two jumps out.

Anyways. I had just saved up for my first industrial, and had a basic combat ship put together. Enough to take care of the belt rats. Was feeling pretty proud of myself for my progress. I’m sitting there jetcan mining away. When some “asshole” comes up and flips my can… not knowing any better I take the ore back. And very promptly get blown to high heavens.
Well that couldn’t stand, so I race back to station. Grab my shiny rat killer and race back to the belt for some revenge… it ended about as well as you would expect.

So here I am, with just an industrial and maybe a mil to my name. Not enough to replace my ships and i didnt know about the free rookie ship yet. So I go looking for other ways to make money with a hauler. Someone in npc corp chat tells me that you can make a tidy profit by shipping shuttles out to null sec.

I’d never left HS before. But at this point I was desperate for cash. So I spent every last isk I had on shuttles. Loaded up my hauler (complete with cargo expanders and no tank) and off I went boldly towards the nearest null station I could find on the map.

1 jump into null, bubbles and pop I went. They offered to ransom my capsule but I had literally nothing left to my name. Doubtful they would have honored it anyways.

Showed up back in HS with absolutely nothing left to my name. And that ended my first attempt at eve. Walked away for a few months… don’t event know why I came back really. But I did. And it’s now a decade later lol.