2nd SvB Frigate Tournament (The Boogaloo Tournament)

Hello New Eden!

(Signup link is at the end)

I’m proud to announce the second ever SvB Tournament. Last time, we had a huge success of a tournament, with around 20 billion isk given in tournament prizes (including a fully fit vindicator!), had many viewers on twitch, and a generally fun time. This time, we’re one upping that!

This time, we’re going for a funky 2v2 frigate double elimination tournament. Our success last time makes us want to push the boundaries even further, and try something more interesting. I’m sure there are many of you wondering about how this will work. The rules are similar to our last tournament, but with some more interesting changes. Changing it to a 2v2 setting will make for some interesting combinations.

This tournament will be held on the 11th of February, 18:00 Eve time. And before you ask, yes, we are giving prizes to the top 4 teams. As I mentioned, last time, we gave around 20 billion isk out, thanks to the fantastic help of the community. So I will get this out of the way early, since I was asked a lot about it last time:
If you would like to donate prizes, please contract Isk, skins, ships, or modules to anikingamers Dissconected in game with “Tournament Sponsor” in the description. If you donate prizes over 500 million Isk you’ll get a personal name shoutout. If you donate over 1 billion Isk, you can get a verbal shoutout of your choosing to promote yourself, a corp, or some kind of brand.

There will be a second post 1 week before the event, outlining some more specifics, the prize pool, and the split between the top 4 teams. The more people we get signed up for this, the better it will be! This event will also be streamed on twitch, but more details will be posted about that next week.

So, without further ado, here are the simplified version of rules (there is a very detailed google doc of rules that will be given to all the participants 1 week before the event so they can adjust):

  • All participants must join the Discord.
  • Hulls: 2 Frigates: Each team may have up to 1 Navy Frigate, everything else must be Tech 1.
    • No Damaviks, no pirate faction frigates, no t2 frigs.
  • All T2 (meta 5) and below mods/drones/charges are legal.
    • EWAR modules may be scripted.
    • Abyssal mods are not allowed.
    • Exceptions to this rule:
      • Polarized weapons are allowed.
      • Faction drones are allowed.
  • No drugs or implants allowed.
    • This will be enforced immediately before the match.
  • Teams may switch ship comps between rounds.
  • Teams will need a minimum of two comps (4 ships total) for the double elimination tourney. You will need more if you progress further.
  • All pilots must moved their equipment to Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory (3 jumps from Jita). Your ships must be here by the day of the event. Please let us know if you need help moving.
  • You must be online and docked in this station 30 minutes before the start time. Meaning, at 17:30, all participants MUST be docked in this station, and in the Discord VC that will be specified to them. It is extremely important that all members are there at 17:30. We will not wait for you if you are late.
  • This will be a bracket style tournament. Each time will get to fight a minimum of 2 times as it’s double elimination.
  • Before the fight, all pilots will be checked for illegal modules, drugs, implants, and boosters. This will be done at a predetermined location that will be shared on the day. You will also invite your opponents to a duel. Once this is done, all pilots will warp to the arena. At the center of the arena, there will be an MTU. Pilots may warp anywhere from 0-30km from this MTU. You will be locked by a Praxis so they can track your health for the stream. A countdown from 5 will begin, once it reaches 0, you may begin fighting (this will be done in an in game channel that will be shared to you due to separate comms). You may activate all defensive modules and lock your opponents before the countdown ends.
  • Each fight will last a maximum of 5 minutes. We do have a tiebreaker in place in the case both teams are still alive.
  • Warping off, leaving 50km range of the MTU, or podding your opponents counts as a disqualification.


  • The signup sheet closes on the 29th of January 2023. Please ensure your team is available on the 11th of February, 18:00 Eve time before signing up for you and your teammate.
  • You will be contacted via Eve Mail (and possibly Discord) with the details of the event by the 31st of January. You are expected to reply by the 5th of February or you will not be counted in the tournament.
  • Signup here

These are all of our rules! I hope everyone finds them fair. There are some modifications from our last tournament which do loosen restrictions a bit. The more people we have during this tournament, the more interesting, fun, and just absolutely crazy it will be, and that’s exactly what we’re going for. We want everyone to enjoy this, we want this to be an event to go down in the books of Eve Online, and we want this to be something we can do over and over again.

This tournament exists to be fun for all, not just vets or newbros. I will say, we WILL have a second tournament next month that is more tailored towards our Eve vets. So stay tuned for that.

For those struggling to find a teammate, join our Discord! We have a channel dedicated to help you find one.

We’re aiming to get around 10 teams (20 people), but more are welcome! This should provide us with many hours of fun time and things going boom.
Also yes, anyone who wants to record/stream is more than welcome to do so. I will give you a shoutout on my stream as well.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to list them here, or DM me on Discord (anikingamers#4963). It’s easiest if you join our Discord and speak with us there. You can also reach out to us through our in game channel: SvB Public Channel

Thank you CCP!

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