zSKULLY's Birthday Giveaway (250b ISK in Prizes) (3,000+ Ships)

Hello fellow pilots,

It is I, zSKULLY, I’m hosting a 250b ISK giveaway to celebrate my Birthday in August, the giveaway will take place on August 11th, to enter, simply join the BoneYard Tavern Discord server, be in the server on August 11th, say something in the #tavern chat, and you will be entered into the giveaways for the day.

Giveaways will begin starting at 6pm on August 11th, and will continue until ALL prizes have been claimed.

You can join the BoneYard Tavern here: BoneYard Tavern

100b ISK in prizes are being reserved for new player groups, if you win won of these prizes you will need to provide a screenshot of the character getting the prize as being in one of those groups (E-Uni, KarmaFleet, Brave Newbies, SVK Nursery, etc…)

Winners will be selected at random using a Discord bot, most prizes will be in the 50-250m range.



Trying to raise the biggest Eve-Online Discord server with this?
Stream giveaways or didn’t happen! :joy:

That sounds like a lot of work.

A pre-birthday giveaway took place this evening, we gave out 75b ISK in Abyssal mods and ships, looking forward to seeing everyone on the 11th for some really awesome fun!

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Expired Link, happy birthday!

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