NEWBIE EVENT! Operation: Merry EVE-mas

Is this a new scam?
No it’s not

I, Revus Demnevanni, am giving away 100 frigates in Yulai X - DED Assembly Plant from Dec 24th to Dec 31st.

(after the event period they will go to charities to support poor rogue drones abandoned by their owners)

Eligible any player with 3 months or less. Bittervets are welcome to come and take a whole 2 million ISK value frigate :^) or to help new players out, you know.

Upon receiving your new ship, don’t forget to insure it, I cannot do that for you.
In the holds of each ship you will find:

  • ammunition, which you will need to load into your guns by drag&dropping (F1 to fire)
  • drones, which you will need to assign to a group in the drone management window (drag and drop to launch/retrieve, F to fire)

combat ship will also find a strange treat

  • a tranquil (tier 0) abyssal filament which while may be worthless to us vets, may very well kickstart your EVE career.


Be creative! For example you could

  • sell the filament and pocket the ISK :^) you’d still have a fully functional PvE frigate that will bring you through basic NPC anomalies (green sites) and level 1 missions!
  • group up with 2 other space desperados and brave the dangers of abyssal filaments (look up ‘eve abyssal guide’ to get an idea on how it works) for untold riches!
  • grow up and upgrade your basic fit to brave those dangers alone!
  • etc.

There will be Ventures too, for those who prefer a more quiet shooting at rocks :slight_smile:

Hoping to See You Soon!


*Results may vary though depending on local ganker density. :wink:

That’s slightly more ships than what I got from the career agents, might be useful.

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