Seeking Expressions of Interest: 2017 Secret Satan

Checking to see if people like this idea.

Everyone that signs up donates a PVP fitted ship they can easily afford. If you are spacepoor, give a fitted frigate. If you are a trillionaire, a blinged dreadnought or marauder. Etc etc.

Near Christmas Day you’ll be randomly paired with someone else who will get your ship.

It’s like a Secret Santa in the real world, but then every participant is encouraged to lose their ship on Christmas Day, if they are able to log in that day, and to do so in a way that provokes ongoing conflicts and the desire for revenge.

Maybe you use a donated Brutix to gank some poor trader’s Iteron. Maybe you use a gifted Dominix to reinforce a POCO in lowsec. It’s all up to you - just use the ship to ruin someone’s day.

Maybe you get gifted a Basilisk and really have to get original…

If you are interested, post in this thread & we’ll make this happen.

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Is this the next step of Jitascum?

Nice try BTW

This sounds like fun.

You might want to limit things to what’s flyable with an Alpha account - a consideration for the skills, not for the ISK.

I’m in

I’ll give that some thought, although part of the IRL Christmas experience is returning/selling/regifting gifts that you can’t use…

My student job was in retail, and 26-Dec was the busiest day of the year for returns.

I’m in if this thing is still a go.

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People are to lazy to be bothered with that.

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There probably hasn’t been enough interest unfortunately, unless that changes soon.

Interested. Hope its not too late

Officer fit battle venture incoming

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